Why Is My Book Not Selling On Amazon?

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So you have published a few books and now you are wondering, “Why is my book not selling on amazon?”

There are a number of reasons that you are getting low to no sales on KDP and today we will discuss some of the most common.

14 Reasons Why Your Book Is Not Selling On Amazon

1. Low Quality Books. What is a low quality book? Books with spelling, punctuation, and/or grammar mistakes are considered low quality. Images and text that do not line up on covers and interiors are also low quality indicators.

2. Using The Wrong Keywords. Keywords are the words that will help your book be categorized and placed in the right market as well as the words that will help your book sell. Using the wrong keywords can lead to a lack of sales.

3. Using The Wrong Categories. Same as above, Using the wrong categories can lead to no sales.

4. The Book Is Seasonal: Some books are seasonal and only sell during a particular time of the year. Ask yourself if it is the right time of year for your niche.

5. Targeting The Wrong Niche. Is the market big enough for the specific niche? Is the market too competitive?

6. Copying. Don’t copy another person’s book. It will not increase your sells. Plus it can get your KDP account banned for copyright infringement.

7. Unattractive Covers: Its hard to know what will sell or what might be considered “unattractive”. Something you think is ugly or even beautiful might be the opposite to someone else so this is truly subjective. But there are things like images and text not lining up correctly that could detract from the book overall attractiveness.

8. Not Using Social Media as a way to promote your books. Places like Facebook, Twitter, Flipboard, Instagram etc make it easy to gain a following. This is a must for outside Amazon promotions.

9. Not Utilizing the Description area to hook buyers. The description is your last chance to reel in a customer. Make it unique and interesting where possible.

10. High Competition. This one is a tough one because there are millions of books on KDP. Try to do market research before you create your book to find out if creating a book in a certain niche is even worth the effort.

11. Price. Do research before you create your book to find out what other books in the same category are selling for and base your price off that. If a book is priced to high you may never sell a book.

12. Negative Reviews. Reviews are a double edged sword. Reviews can lead to more sells or less sells depending on the customers.

Reviews in general are hard to come by. It is said that for every 100 books sold one person will leave a review.

13. Your Title Is Not Interesting. Your title is the first thing that can grab a buyer’s attention and if it is boring they might give it a miss.

14. Lack of Patience. Most books do not sell right away. Give it at least 3-6 months before you give up on your book.


Patience is a must with this business but you can help your book sales by promoting your books on social media and by buying ads on Amazon. Beyond that there are a few other reasons why your book has no sales so make a check list that will help you out before you publish.

You do have the option to go back and change things but if you can catch a mistake before you publish it is even better.

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