Why is GeneratePress the Best WordPress Business Theme

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Hi there and welcome to another post on Internet Marketing Tools And Programs. We will be discussing a theme called GeneratePress and how it can be used for business websites.

Best WordPress Business Theme

It has a free version and a paid version and we will be looking at the differences between the two.

I will state right now that Generate Press is the theme we use on all our sites and we absolutely love it so we intend to show why we think it is the one of the best WordPress business theme.

Because we have experience with it, we will be creating a lot of training on the subject so stayed tuned for more.

Did you say free?

Yes, we did! GeneratePress does have a free version and we know plenty of people who are happy with this version.

We were not one of them. It was not until we could see what the paid version could do, that we climbed abord the GeneratePress train. After working with it for almost 2 years now we a have a good deal of experience to impart.

If you do end up purchasing GeneratePress, we will earn a small commission. This keeps our lights and coffee on so we thank you in advance. (Keeping our lights is important, but it’s the coffee we worry about!)

Here is a cool video about making a free church website using a free website builder and using free hosting and the free GeneratePress theme. Did we say free enough?

So, Why Is GeneratePress So Popular?

GeneratePress is one of the most popular themes because it is highly rated and one of the most stable, feature-rich, fastest, and best-supported WordPress themes available. (It currently has 400,000+ downloads on WordPress.org) This multipurpose theme can be used to create any kind of website you can think of and much more without using code. If you do code then it is built for that too.

It is lightweight, responsive, IOS and android compatible, and completely mobile friendly.


Generatepress Free VS Premium

Generate Press Free Version

Well to start with we will show you the free version of GeneratePress and the features available.  This will help show you that it is a viable system of its own and the best part, it’s free.

  • Mobile Responsive: Fully responsive. If you are unsure check out this page on your phone.
  • Typography & Font Editing: 100+ free font family & typography options available with the free theme.
  • Light Weight: The theme is under 1 MB, which means your site will load fast.
  • Custom CSS: If you know how to code you can customize every part of this theme using a custom CSS and HTML.
  • Compatible with Elementor and other page building plugins. However, if you are wanting to use the block editor we recommend Generate Blocks.

Note: Generate Blocks is made by the creators of Generate Press. Its like an add on plugin. It is also free.

To start you must begin the with the install process.

Install GeneratePress Free Theme

Go in to your WordPress Back Office. Click On “Appearance” then “Themes”. Search for “GeneratePress” without the quotes. Then Install and Activate.

Install GeneratePress Free Theme

Once this is activated in the basic version through you can view your options by highlighting appearance and then clicking customize.

Generate Press Paid Version

Right off the bat you will want premium if…

  1. You intend to open a WooCommerce store. You can download WooCommerce on the free theme, but will have very limited functionality.
  2. Want to access to the Site Library. GeneratePress Site Library is where the premade templates for GeneratePress hang out. You can of course build your site using the block editor for free but sometimes it is nice to have a premade template to start from. On our other site we use “Dispatch” a magazine theme. You can take a look at the templates here.
  3. Want access to premium features and functionalities.
    The list of features is shown below but we wanted to mention here that buying the paid version gives you full and complete control over your website.
  4. You want to remove the GeneratePress copyright information from the bottom of the site.
  5. Want access to support.
GeneratePress Pro Features

After installing GeneratePress you will get access to the above features.

If you decide you do not want GeneratePress premium there is a 30-day money back refund policy. We think that is pretty cool considering most digital products don’t offer refunds.

Current Pricing

GeneratePress Pricing

How To Install GeneratePress Theme

After purchasing GP download the file you are given and head in to your WordPress back office.

Highlight “Plugins” then click on “Add New”.

At the top of the menu, you will see “Upload Plugin”.

Click on “Upload Plugin”.

Then click on “Choose File”.

Choose the file from your computer and click “Open”.

GeneratePress Upload Plugin Choose File

Now Click “Install”.

GeneratePress Upload Plugin Choose File Install Now

Sit back and wait for the download to complete.

Once the download has finished, click on “Activate Plugin”.

After you activate the plugin, the screen should default back to the plugins page.

Find “GP Premium” on the list and click on “Configure”.

GeneratePress Upload Plugin Configure

That will bring you to the to the following screen..

GeneratePress Upload Files

Now click the check mark. Then on “Bulk Actions”.

Choose “Activate” from the drop-down menu.

Then click “Apply”.

GeneratePress Upload Files Activate

The table will turn a pale, light blue, when it is finished.

GeneratePress Upload Files Confirm Activation

Congrats! Your GeneratePress theme has now been installed and the features have been activated!

Just for kicks. I want to show you how to tell if the theme install worked. Look on the left menu bar, under “Appearance” and you should see the words GeneratePress.

Proof that GeneratePress is installed

How To Customize GeneratePress Theme

To customize your GeneratePress theme, highlight “Appearance” and click on “Customize”. This will bring up your home page screen and give a you a menu of options on the left of the screen. From this menu you can customize the settings for your site.

If you are trying to customize which GeneratePress theme you want to use go back into your dashboard highlight “Appearance” and click on “GeneratePress”. It will bring you back to this menu…

GeneratePress Site Library

At the top of the page there are three tabs. Click on “Site Library”.

A List of theme options will appear. We used the dropdown menu to choose business themes for the following screen shot.

GeneratePress Site Library Themes

Final Words

We can’t say enough good things about GeneratePress! It is our favorite theme because it is fast, responsive, and versatile. To have access to all the features and to truly have full control over your website you need the premium version of GeneratePress.

Have we left anything out? Is there something else you want to know?

Leave us a reply below!

GeneratePress Documentation



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  1. I am using the free version of Generate Press and I love it. It was recommended to me and since I started using it I also installed it on other websites. The price for the paid version is really good! The yearly and lifetime prices are very affordable. It makes me wonder whether I should get it …

  2. Hi, I have been using GeneratePress since the beginning. I upgraded to Premium as soon as I had the money to do so. To be honest even after a year I still haven’t got the hang of everything. I’ve not even thought about using the theme builder either. Also about Generate Blocks I use Gutentor I wonder if there is much of a difference? As for your review I was thinking one thing you didn’t mention is if you buy GP Premium you can install on multiple websites. Also, I believe if you pay the $59 I think the next year you can get it discounted.

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