What Kind Of Books Can You Make With KDP?

What Kind Of Books Can You Make With KDP?

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Welcome, fellow book enthusiasts and aspiring authors! If you’re diving into the world of self-publishing, you’ve likely heard of Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). But what types of books can you actually publish on KDP?

In this article, we’ll explore the publishing opportunities that KDP offers. Whether you’re a novelist with a thrilling mystery, a cookbook connoisseur with mouthwatering recipes, a poet pouring your heart onto the page, or even a graphic novel creator, we’ll unravel the possibilities.

What Kind Of Books Can You Make With KDP?

What Kind Of Books Can You Make With KDP?

Types of books that can be published on Amazon‘s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) encompass a wide range, including fiction novels, non-fiction guides, poetry collections, cookbooks, children’s books, academic works, and graphic novels, which offers authors diverse opportunities to share their written content with a global audience. You can pretty much make any kind of book you want with KDP.

The only thing you can’t do is turn in blank pages. A couple are ok but the whole book must be full. This means if you create a sketch book it must have borders and numbered pages. 

What Kind Of Books Can You Make With KDP?

Below are some examples of books you can make with KDP.

  • Poetry
  • Biographical
  • Documentary
  • Cookbooks
  • Comics

The big thing is that you follow Amazon’s Terms of Service and their Metadata rules. Use these documents as a guide when creating your books. If you do that you should be fine and not get your account suspended or terminated.

It is also important that you do niche research so you can find out if your book will even sell. You need to research the market, the right keywords, the current market price, and the category options.

What Genres Are Suitable For KDP Publishing?

When it comes to choosing a genre for your KDP book, the sky’s the limit. Personally, I’ve explored the realms of romance, science fiction, and fantasy, finding readers hungry for diverse stories. Thrillers, mysteries, and historical fiction are also immensely popular. Non-fiction genres like self-help, biographies, and travel guides can thrive on KDP too. Remember, there’s an audience for every niche!

Can I Publish Illustrated Books On KDP?

Absolutely! KDP isn’t just for plain text. I’ve had the pleasure of publishing beautifully illustrated children’s books and graphic novels. Just ensure your images meet Amazon’s guidelines for quality and resolution. For example, I once faced a challenge with DPI settings, so make sure to double-check those technical details.

Are Academic And Reference Works Welcome On KDP?

Yep, they are! If you’re an academic or an expert in a particular field, KDP can be an excellent platform to share your knowledge. Whether it’s a scholarly thesis, a comprehensive history book, or a guide on quantum physics, there’s an audience eager to learn. I’ve seen colleagues in academia find success on KDP, reaching students and fellow scholars worldwide.

Is KDP A Platform For Children’s Literature?

Without a doubt! Children’s books are a cherished category on KDP. From whimsical picture books to early readers and young adult novels, KDP caters to all age groups. I’ve even dabbled in writing interactive children’s eBooks with pop-up features – they were a hit! Remember, the digital format allows for interactive elements that can enhance the reading experience for young minds.


  • KDP welcomes a wide range of genres, from romance and science fiction to self-help and travel guides. For instance, I’ve personally found success with romance novels and seen others thrive in niche genres like historical fiction.
  • Illustrated books, including children’s books and graphic novels, are highly suitable for KDP. However, remember to meet Amazon’s image quality requirements, as I once had to troubleshoot DPI settings to ensure my illustrations looked their best.
  • Academic and reference works are well-received on KDP, making it a valuable platform for sharing expertise. Colleagues in academia have used KDP to publish everything from scholarly theses to comprehensive guides, reaching students and scholars worldwide.
  • KDP is a fantastic platform for children’s literature, accommodating picture books, early readers, and young adult novels. I’ve even experimented with interactive children’s eBooks, utilizing pop-up features to engage young readers and enhance their enjoyment.
  • Regardless of your chosen genre or content type, KDP offers a versatile platform for authors to connect with a global audience and share their unique stories and expertise. Whether you’re into fiction, non-fiction, or illustrated books, there’s a place for you on KDP.

In conclusion, the world of KDP publishing is brimming with possibilities for authors across genres. Whether you’re a novelist or academic, KDP can help you reach readers worldwide.

Ready to embark on your publishing journey? What genre are you excited to explore on KDP today?

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