What Kind Of Books Can You Make With KDP?

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You can pretty much make any kind of book you want with KDP. It is Amazon’s self publishing platform.

The only thing you can’t do is turn in blank pages. A couple are ok but the whole book must be full. This means if you create a sketch book it must have borders and numbered pages. 

Below are some examples of books you can make with KDP.


Non Fiction



Children’s Books

Text Books






Low Content Books and No Content Books

See our list of 48 Low and No Content Ideas.

The big thing is that you follow Amazon’s Terms of Service and their Metadata rules. Use them as a guide when creating your books. If you do that you should be fine and not get your account suspended or terminated.

It is also important that you do niche research so you can find out if your book will even sell. You need to research the market, keywords, market price, and categories.

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    I’ve always thought about writing something self-published on Amazon, now that I’ve found your site I’ll be happy to read you, you give some great advice!

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