What Is The Most Difficult Part Of Blogging?
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What Is The Most Difficult Part Of Blogging?

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What Is The Most Difficult Part Of Blogging?

If we had to pick one thing that was the most difficult part of blogging it would be continually coming up with and designing content. This is a massive task that must be undertaken daily, if not multiple times a day. Content is the core of a successful online business.

Blogging requires coming up with fresh content and posting with consistency. This means that you must post new content as often as possible on a schedule. There are also other components like the article length, research time, and choosing/creating graphics that are involved in the article creation process. Basically, you will be spending a lot of time creating content for your niche, especially in the first year when 100 articles are the minimum you should have on your site. 

We also wanted to mention that while AI and robot writers are a popular thing for content creation right now, the content that they create is not ideal. Plus the search engines are cracking down on sites that use these tools as the data/content they create is not always correct and grammar issues abound.

 So, that means research and pounding the keys are the only ways to ensure that your content will be out there for viewers to see.

When creating content articles the goal is to shoot for one thousand words. That’s not saying that you can’t post anything below a thousand words but that should be the minimum goal for wordage as articles that are shorter tend to be overlooked by search engines. More words than that is alright too, but base that off whether you have thoroughly explored your topic and how many words the competition has on page one of the search results for your keyword(s).

That being said if you are having issues reaching the thousand-word goal and are unsure what else to attempt to include in the article at a time you can go ahead and post, then go back and edit the article, adding in anything missed later.  This edited content will not count as new media but the article’s rankings can be affected and updated. It can give your article a better ranking in search engines especially if you nail the SEO.

Then there is the actual content creation.  First, you need a topic then you need to have subtopics to write an actual article. You will also need to pick the keyword you are going to target in the article. Then you write. 

On one hand, you have to write for your readers, on the other, you have to appease the search engines which is a definite balancing act. 

You will also need to come up with visuals for the article. We create most of our images in Canva. You can create images, collages, banners, and videos.

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