What Is The Best Niche For Affiliate Marketing?

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Guest Post By Phil1944

Best Niche for Affiliate Marketing

There are actually two different questions here and you need to consider both of them.

What affiliate marketing niches are other affiliates making money from?

Which affiliate marketing niche is the right one for ME to make money from?

The first one is an absolute and the second one is relative to you personally.

The niches that other affiliate marketers are making money from will be the most profitable but will also be the most competitive. They will not be something you should consider unless you are prepared to put in a lot of time and effort to create a site with high authority, together with a lot of content and high-quality backlinks.

Still, it can be very instructive to know what they are.

Which niches are other marketers making the most money from?


If you are one, or simply know a golfer, this will come as no surprise.

Golfers are fanatical about their game and will spend whatever they can afford (and more) to improve it.

With a top-of-the-line driver or rangefinder costing north of $500, the opportunity for making very profitable sales from giving this hungry market what they crave can be very rewarding indeed.

And there is no shortage of vendors with affiliate programs, including both Amazon and individual suppliers of golfing equipment and accessories.

A set of golf clubs for men or women can cost anything from a few hundred dollars to over two thousand.

If you can create a mailing list of avid golfers, you have an asset you can milk for profits over and over again. Golfers are always looking to upgrade their equipment and improve their game. If you email your list with the latest high-tech putter and use good copy, you are certain to make sales. And they’ll thank you for it!

Home Security

The great thing about Home Security as an Affiliate Marketing niche is that it appeals to one of basic and most powerful emotions, namely FEAR.

Even in developed nations, fear of a home invasion is high.

You can be the one that helps put those fears to rest.

By providing affiliate links to the wide range of home security devices available, from burglar-proof locks to sophisticated security cameras and automatic lighting systems connected to smart phone apps.

And you can be sure that anyone shopping in this space wants the product NOW. It comes with its own built-in sense of urgency.

Online Dating

Now we’re tapping in to the other end of the emotional spectrum – love. As well as its close relations, affection, loneliness and sexual attraction

There has been an explosion of online dating apps in the past few years, where it has grown from a fringe industry hiding in the shadows to a mainstream application worth over $2 billion a year and growing.

Most online dating sites have generous recurring affiliate programs, so if this is an area that interests you, it can be rewarding and lucrative.

Which Affiliate Marketing Niche Is The Right One For Me To Make Money From?

To know that, you have to ask yourself and answer these 3 questions:

What are my interests? Are there certain things that I’m passionate about and would be regarded by others as knowledgeable?

Are there other subjects which, while I may not know a lot about them at the moment, I’m interested in and would be able to research them?

Which of these subjects have vendors with good affiliate programs?

Clearly, the aim of the first two questions is to find stuff that you can produce high-quality content for over a substantial period of time.

That content will contain keywords that people are searching for and, if you can persuade the search engines (mainly Google and Bing) to show your content when someone enters that search term, you are well on the way to being a successful affiliate marketer.

(I’ll cover just how you do all this in another post).

And, of course, once you start making money from your niche website, you can afford to outsource some or all of your content writing, so that it doesn’t become just another JOB.

Rinse and Repeat

This article has attempted to answer the question: What is the Best Niche for Affiliate Marketing?

Once you’ve got the right answer for you, and have a successful business in that niche, it’s a matter of rinse and repeat.

Perhaps you choose another personal interest or you may now have the confidence and knowledge to tackle one of the more competitive but high-return niches such as golf or weight loss.

It’s like anything else. The more you know, the better you are.

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