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What Is Pinterest Analytics And How To Use It (Picture Guide)

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What Is Pinterest Analytics And How To Use It?

Pinterest analytics is a free metrics tool inside the business hub part of Pinterest. Having a business account is the only way to get access to the analytics tool. So the first thing you will need is a business account as shown in the post What is Pinterest Marketing?

Pinterest Account Overview


On the left upper menu click on “Analytics”



A dropdown box will appear



Click On “Overview”



Performance Over Time is the first thing you should see. This is a graph of your account activity.



You Can click on the dropbox next to the word “Impressions”. This is a full menu of the different data types that you can view in graph form.



Scroll Down and You will see your Top Boards. It to has a dropdown box menu.



Scroll further down to view your Top Pins. As you can see in the picture below there is another dropbox menu.



Pinterest Audience Insights

This tool is perhaps the most valuable of the tools as it allows you to gain insights in to your pinterest audience.



Scroll Down to see “Categories and interests”. This menu shows what categories and interests your audience views to find your pins.



Scroll down some more and you will see the ages and genders of your audience.



Scroll down to view the Locations of your visitors.



Scroll down again to view the devices used by your audience.



Go back to the second menu bar and click on “All Pinterest users” to view all of the data from Pinterest.

Click “Compare” to Comapre the two lists side by side.

This last menu is important as you can view where the Pinterest audience is and what categories they view versus your own audience on Pinterest. This will help you tap learn what categories and interests to tap in to to gain a larger audience.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your guide to Pinterest analytics. It looks a lot like Google version of the same tool. I don’t use Pinterest as much as I should, but I will now after reading a few guides here on your site. Can I ask you, how many clicks per month you get to your site from Pinterest?

    1. Right now about 100 but it continually rises! I get about 20,000 monthly viewers. Also my site is a very specific niche and is not in the most popular categories on Pinterest. The account is also only 5 months old so it is rocking and rolling considering the above.

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