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What Is A Buyers Guide And How To Write One

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An Overview of Buying Guide Posts

What is a Buying Guide Post?

A Buying Guide is also called a “round up review” or “purchase guide”. It all means the same thing. A buying guide is when you take more than one product and write a “best of” article. (Best X For Y)

Another way to put it is you take multiple products and review and compare them in one post.

Title Headline Examples:

Best Microphones 2021

The 7 Best Chocolate Bars

Top 10 Fishing Rods

The 3 Best WordPress Themes For Non Profits in 2021

Real Examples From Our Other Site:

7 Best Inexpensive Blow Dryers On Amazon (July 2021)

What Are The Best Instant Cameras (Top 3 Instant Cameras)

Real Examples From This Site:

Top 5 Best Rated Microphones For Your Business In 2022

Top 5 Best Standing Desks In 2022

A buying guide is a way to help people make the best decisions about the products they buy. It should be as unbiased as possible. It should also be as educational as possible because you are trying to help people do their due diligence about a product. Informed customers are better customers and they will come to trust you and your recommendations.

Buying Guide Article Layout Example

Start With an Introduction

Intro: A couple of paragraphs making sure your keyword is in the introduction

In A Hurry Statement: If you’re in a hurry here are the links to the Enter Product Name Here. We’ve got more details about why we like them later on in this article.

Summary Table: Create a Table for your products using block editor. Include all products in this table. Add other information like specs, price, mini image (thumbnail size), etc.

How To Buy An X: This is the Buying Guide part where you can give a few tips on how to buy a product.

The Best X Reviews: Pick your favorite product or the product you think is the best and add a paragraph about your favorite product and why. You can list this part here or after you list the products as a final summary.

You can say “The Best…” or “Our favorite…”

#1 Product Name: This should be the product that you chose in the last step.

Image Or Video or both


Mini Review

Pros and Cons (Optional)

Add a Button like

“Visit Site: “Site Name Here” Button and/or “Check Price” Button.

Note: The following examples do not lead anywhere as they are not connected. They are for show only

Button Example 1
Check Price

If you have a full review on your site, you can also create a “Read Full Review Here” Button.

Read Full Review

Tip: Using Block Editor, you can add 2 or 3 buttons in the same line.

#2 Product Name

Repeat The Process For The Next Products



Mini Review

Pros and Cons (Optional)

Buttons or Colored Blocks with Call To Action (CTA)

#3 Product Name


Specs: Create A Table

Mini Review

Pros and Cons (Optional)

Buttons or Colored Blocks with Call To Action (CTA)

And Finally Add A Conclusion

This is where you summarize your findings and leave the audience with a final “call to action.”

Ok It’s time to put the template in to action!

For this example, we will be using WordPress block editor and the above layout.


Putting together and writing a buying guide is not to difficult when you have a template and and outline like we created in this article. You can of course add your own spin to any template but make sure you stay consistent between posts as it might confuse your readers. This template works for physical and digital products. Just adjust the information in the tables.

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