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Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth the Money? Wealthy Affiliate Review (Updated 2023)

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Welcome to Internet Marketing Tools and Programs Wealthy Affiliate Review 2023.

Updated November 2022. Updated July 2023.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth The Money?

The answer is that it depends. It really depends on your situation and how hard you want to work. If you are looking to make a fast buck, or if you jump from shiny object to shiny object then WA is not for you. If you are looking to make a sustainable business online then Wealthy Affiliate is the only place to go for comprehensive training and support. If you want to learn more keep reading the rest of our Wealthy Affiliate review.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is a comprehensive affiliate marketing and building a business online training platform with step by step lessons (videos and text), live weekly classes, website builder, hosting, writing platform and SEO tools all in one place. The all-inclusive platform allows you to create, grow and manage your online business with zero experience.

Warning: If you looking for a get-rich-quick opportunity you are in the wrong place. (We are fairly sure those do not exist anyway!)

First, A little background.

Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim, the owners, founded Wealthy Affiliate in 2005, as a keyword tool and then expanded as the years went on. Today Wealthy Affiliate is a full online training program to learn online marketing and business with emphasis on affiliate marketing.

Let’s take a quick look at their profiles

Kyle Loudoun

Carson Lim

Before we get started take a look at the quick overview below!

Wealthy Affiliate – The Overview

Name Of Company: Wealthy Affiliate

Owners: Kyle & Carson

Website URL: www.wealthyaffiliate.com

Price: Starter Member (free) You can stay a free member as long as you like as long as you don’t upgrade but you only have access to the first 5 lessons. This allows you to test drive the system and see if it is for you.

Pleasr note that once you upgrade you can never go back to the starter membership. Access to live chat and community support is only for the first 7 days is now available forever.

Premium Membership: $49 per month or $495 for the year

Premium Plus: $99 per month or $995 for the year

Our rating: 4.8 out of 5

Training with Actionable Tasks

The training is done by step by step videos and text lessons with actionable tasks and a check-off list at the bottom of each lesson.

There is Q&A after every lesson to make sure you really understand the material.

WA offers weekly live classes (and access to previous live classes) with updates and current news in the industry.

This can cost thousands and much more with supposed guru’s and other self-proclaimed industry experts. You even get hosting as part of the deal!

Types of Training Offered

• Online Entrepreneur Certification (50 Lessons)
• Affiliate Bootcamp training (70 Lessons)
• Live, interactive video classes (Weekly)
• Video and text-based Tutorials (1000 +)
• Course, Lessons and Task based Training

To get the most Advanced & Comprehensive Training in the Industry, Click Here!


Training: 5 Lessons with Free Starter Program. All lessons are available with Premium. Preimium Plus adds advanced, up to date, video training by industry experts.

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool (Most keyword research tools start at $49 a month) . Unlimited searches with Premium and more option upgrades with Premium Plus.

Jaaxy Logo

Site Builder and Setup: Sets up and builds WordPress Website in 30 seconds.

SEO Framework: SEO Plugin that comes built in with website (plus 2 other plugins).

Site Content: Built in Tool that is a writing platform inside WA.

With Premium:

  • Website Hosting: This costs about $250 (and up!) for one-year plan with other hosting companies. (Many companies no longer have monthly options.)
  • Unlimited keyword research: Most keyword research tools start at $49 a month
  • Access to all lessons and weekly live classes


There are many avenues of support and a large active, helpful, community!

Wealthy Affiliate offers site tech support, a chat Q and A section after every lesson, live chat, personal coaching and mentoring, and a LARGE, ACTIVE, SUPPORTIVE community!!! You can get help at any time.

We cannot overstate the importance and value of just the support! Someone always has your back. They want you to succeed! (Invaluable)

Breakdown of Support Options

• Live chat (help within seconds)
• Comments (help within minutes)
• Blog Post / Ask a question (help within minutes)
• Private Messaging/Mentoring (help within minutes)
• Website & Hosting Support (help within minutes)
• Direct Access to ME!

A Short Overview of Creating an Online Business

The 4 Basic Steps

Step 1: Choose an Interest

Step 2: Build a Website

Step 3: Attract Visitors

Step 4: Earn Revenue

Anyone and everyone can follow this process to create a successful business regardless of their experience or location.

Watch The 4 Steps to Creating a Successful Business Online

Building Your Website

Inside WA there is a website builder that helps you easily create a WordPress site. The free starter plan comes with 3 plugins (The plugins alone cost a minimum of $25 on top of the monthly business account at WordPress.com)

The Premium Plan comes with access to all WordPress plugins and over 4,000 themes. (We recommend either KadenceWP Theme or GeneratePress Theme for your WordPress Site.)

On the technical side, the actual setup of your website takes about 30 seconds!

Of course, it takes longer to get your site going because there are things you will need to do like picking your theme, plugins, and writing content, but the initial setup is a breeze.

Plans Available

Starter Member

Free: You can join for free and become a “starter” member. Go through the first 5 free lessons and decide for yourself if the program is right for you. This is truly a starter program as the program is limited to the first 5 lessons and temporary access to support. While you can stay a starter member forever there are limitations.

As already mentioned you only get access to the first unit of 5 lessons, support and live chat for the first 7 days only, and you can have a website for free for 6 months on a subdomain.

We call it the “try it before you buy it” system.

If you get serious about the program you have two options available.


Premium membership unlocks the core training, Jaaxy lite, support, weekly live classes, and live chat. You can also host up to 10 sites

Monthly: $49.00

Yearly: $495

And Now Introducing Premium Plus:

Premium Plus is a new extension of the training on Wealthy Affiliate. It unlocks advanced live and recorded training, hosting for up to 50 websites, Jaaxy Enterprise, and more!


Yearly: $995.00



The Community. The community is a great support group for all your needs and questions.

Live Chat: Live chat with other wealthy affiliate members and the owners Kyle and Carson.

WA Sets Realistic Goals and Expectations.

Not A “Get Rich Quick” Scheme

Owners Are Involved With Every Step.


You Get Everything You Need To Start A Business.

2 Different Training Courses. 1. OEC 2. Bootcamp. One is the regular training. Two is Bootcamp for the MMO niche (Make Money Online Niche).

Constant Updates. Updates come in many forms like text, videos, emails, community posts, live webinars, etc. This could be anything to do with new trends, ideas, software, software updates, guidelines and rules, and much more .

Live Weekly Classes. Once a week live webinar with Wealthy Affiliate’s host Jay or “magistudios” (Jay’s Screen Name).

Cons (Based On Personal Experience)

Core Training Does not really talk about or train on backlinks: The thinking is that by making quality content you gain backlinks naturally.

No Refunds: There are no refunds so make sure when you officially join that it is what you really want. Wealthy Affiliate does offer a free trial starter membership just so that you can try the platform before you officially pay any money.

When you sign up you are assigned a mentor based on whose link you click. Not all mentors actually mentor which is why it is important to sign up under someone who will actively mentor and train you.

Addressing Some Wealthy Affiliate Online Complaints

Outdated Training“. There are some complaints and reviews online that we have run across that say some of the training is outdated.

Our Perspective: WA is a massive platform that has been around for 20 years teaching people how to make money online. The training and other material is not deleted so you may run into old and outdated posts. This can happen. The amount of training on the platform is astounding. The core training is being updated as we speak. So even though you may run across something outdated more than likely there is already new training. In an instance where there might be no new training either request it or ask the community. Someone will know the answer or find it for you!

“It is Too expensive“. For some, 50 to 100 a month is too expensive.

Our Perspective: We understand. It took us receiving a large tax return before we could afford to join. We lived paycheck to paycheck and still never had enough. If that is you that is ok, it just might not be your time to join, but remember you can still get the first 10 lessons for free and get started, but eventually you will need to upgrade. There are cheap hosting companies out there like Bluehost that may seem like a better deal, but Wealthy Affiliate is more than a web hosting company. Included in your membership fee hosting at WA is available but it is not the whole point of the program. Plus WA offers Managed WordPress Hosting, which is different from the cheap unmanaged shared hosting.

You Only Make Money If You Promote Wealthy Affiliate”

Our Perspective: WA has a training program (simply called “Bootcamp”) to teach you how to promote Wealthy Affiliate and the MMO (Make Money Online) niche and earn commissions. This does not mean that members have to only promote WA.

You can choose from any niche you choose. Many within the community recommend going through the normal training with your own niche first. Learn how to actually earn money online before you actually try and write about it. (Plus the MMO niche is very and highly competitive. It takes, at the time of writing this, 600 articles to break in to the niche).

WA does offer generous commissions so it seems like a no brainer that you would want to promote the program but it is not in any way required.

It doesn’t work“. Not all people who join Wealthy Affiliate make money. That is just a fact. Results will vary from person to person. One piece of advice we can give is keep learning, writing, and growing your business. If you don’t give up you will make money but it will take time. For some people this is too much time and they give up and are quick to complain.


Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam?


There are people who have not made money while using the platform. It happens. There are many who join the program expecting to see results instantly. They are there to make a quick buck and do not realize they need time, energy, and hard work to make their websites work. Often these people walk away disgruntled and leave bad reviews. This happens too.

So, no, it is not a scam, but not everyone leaves a happy camper. Especially if they join with the wrong mindset!

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth The Money?

Yes. Absolutely. If you want to be your own boss, own your business, make a passive income, and be trained on how to do it all then, YES.

If you add up how much money it takes to build a website, host a website, and buy a domain you will already be close to or over the yearly plan price. With Wealthy Affiliate you get that and SO MUCH MORE!

Plus the community support is worth the monthly fee all by itself!

Can You Really Make Money?


If you expect to write just a few posts and money fall in to your lap then you will be out of luck. If you follow the training and work hard then absolutely!

Should I Upgrade To Premium Or Premium Plus?

We recommend Signing up to Premium at first and then upgrading to Premium Plus later.

The only exception would be if you are not a beginner because then you will want to have access to the advanced training that Premium Plus Offers.


Want To Create A Full-Time Income Online? The Premium Membership Will Speed Up the Process To Get There!

 Final Word on Wealthy Affiliate


Wealthy Affiliate can help you obtain your goals whether you’re new or experienced online, but please remember, any kind of business takes time to grow. Your website, in time, will make you the kind of income you are looking for if you follow the training. The all-inclusive platform allows you to create, grow and manage your online business with zero experience.

This program is perfect for any niche and any person.

This is the time to change gears and make your dreams of running an online business come true.

Please note (again) that this is not a get rich scheme. Running a business takes time, dedication, education, and hard work. Wealthy Affiliate is the way to get started with the training you need.

Hopefully we will see you at WA achieving your dreams!!

Social Proof: Success Stories

Quick Reviews

“I have learned everything I know and still learning with Wealthy Affiliate!! It is one of the Best decisions I have ever made!!”

“Wealthy Affiliate has made me earn my first income online after scammers took advantage of me a number of times.”

“I am new at Wealthy Affiliate but I can honestly confirm that I know so much now about online business, I was in the dark.”

“I’ve been seeing the same and the funny thing is, the programs they are selling while bashing Wealthy Affiliate are Extremely Expensive with a lot less than you get here at WA.”                                           (Reference to negative reviews found about wealthy affiliate.)


Long Reviews

1. The Wealthy Affiliate Reviews are in! Wealthy Affiliate is hands down the best online training and mentorship community you can find! https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/ericcantu/blog/wealthy-affiliate-reviews-are-in-steps-to-success-and-my-road-to-1000month-in-passive-income/a_aid/6f770da1

2. Why did I join? https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/fleeky/blog/wealthy-affiliate-reviews/a_aid/6f770da1

3. Negative Wealthy Reviews https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/roopekiuttu/blog/negative-wealthy-affiliate-reviews-read-this-first/a_aid/6f770da1

Any Questions? Did we leave something out? Leave a comment below or contact us through our contact page.

Also Read: More Information And Frequently Asked Questions About Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate


Access To Members Only Live Chat


Access to 3 Forms of Support


Helpful Community Support


2 Training Avenues OEC or Bootcamp


Access To Jaaxy: A premium keyword research tool



  • Access To All WordPress Themes
  • Access To Live Weekly Classes
  • Hosting at Wealthy Affiliate
  • Access To Tech Support And Live Chat
  • Unlimited Keyword Research In Jaaxy


  • No Backlink Training In Core Training
  • No Company Phone Support (Support is through the platform)
  • Not All Mentors Actually Mentor
  • No Refunds

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  2. Thanks for sharing with us how Wealthy Affiliate look likes from the inside. I can tell it offers much more value than the monthly subscription is worth, and the online community is full of active and helpful members who help each other to succeed online. Your post benefits everyone interested in trying WA to build an online business.

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