How To Choose The Best Amazon KDP Categories For Your No Content And Low Content Books

Welcome, fellow self-publishers and Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) enthusiasts! Today, we’re diving headfirst into one of the most pivotal aspects of the self-publishing journey: picking the perfect categories for your low-content books. When it comes to publishing your book on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), one crucial step is selecting the right categories that accurately represent…

Does KDP Allow Low Content Books?

Does KDP Allow Low Content Books?

Welcome, fellow book enthusiasts and aspiring authors! If you’ve ever wondered whether Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) opens its digital doors to the realm of low content books, you’re in the right place.. We’ll answer the burning question: “Does KDP Allow Low Content Books?” Does KDP allow low content books? Yes, KDP allows low content books…

List of 48 Low Content Or No Content Book Ideas

1. Diary 2. Journal 3. Notebook 4. Planner/ Agenda Book 5. Day Planner 6. Gratitude Journal 7. Coloring Books For Kids 8. Coloring Books For Adults 9. Activity Books 10. Puzzle Books 11. Maze Books 12. Writing (ex calligraphy) 13. Dot To Dot Books 14. Sudoku Books 15. Crossword Books 16. Scissor Skills Book 17….