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Are you tired of working a dead-end job that will never pay you enough or give you the freedom to enjoy your life?

Interested in earning a passive income by starting a successful business online?

Using One Website and This Four-Step Formula…We Quit Our Jobs To Go Full Time Online!

Yes, This Works Even In COVID-19 Times!

100% Risk-Free. No Credit Card Required. Start Free.

Hi! We’re glad to see you here!

We want to be honest with you right from the get go. We are not millionaires. We are just 2 average people who have managed to find a legitimate workable system that’s now earning us a consistent passive income every single month.

Are you looking for a legitimate way to make money online?

If you said yes, keep reading this page because we are going to show you… 

  • How you can make REAL money online in four simple steps
  • How you can get started today for free
  • How you can get all the best tools, training & support
  • How you can predictably skyrocket your income as high as you want
  • How you can get access to our personal 1-on-1 help and coaching

But before we get into the details, we want to share a few things about ourselves.

Who Are We?

Tom and AJ: doing their favorite activity (camping). Although this site was not primitive enough for Tom. It was enough for. Brianna
Brianna:: Trying to take a selfie.

We are a couple who has been together for 17 years and together we write this blog . Our Names are Brianna and Tom.

We wanted more for our family’s lives than living dirt poor. And man were we poor. We were on food stamps and constantly borrowing money to stay just above water. We could not afford to do anything or go anywhere. We lived in a converted shed (into 1 bedroom apartment) in Tom’s parents back yard.


“I was a stay-at-home mom and Tom worked all the time. Well, it felt like that anyway.

Neither one of us had a full education from a university and we were stuck with low end jobs. When I was working, I was in retail and Tom was a low-end car technician.

After the birth of our son, I stayed home and Tom worked in a school cafeteria. His pay did not fit our needs much less our wants. We were on food stamps and had to borrow money from my grandparents every month. Don’t get me wrong we were lucky to have any one to borrow from at all but it was embarrassing as well as tough on both parties.

We lived without hot water for over a year because we could not afford a new water heater. Tom’s parents finally took mercy on us and got us one for Christmas.

We also had the problems of living deep in the country. The bugs, the fieldmice, and the snakes. Oh the snakes.

It was awful.”

Needless to say, we hated our lifestyle (or lack of one) and we wanted (and needed) to change things for the better.

We looked in to ways to make money online for years and just ran across fake promises.

We even tried to own and operate a florist in the real world. Our time running the business was a complete disaster and ended in big failure as well as massive debt.

So we started looking in to making money online, again. We had been through enough fake stuff the first time we looked, and the second, and the third and so on that we knew what to watch out for.

There was drop shipping, but the profit margins are thin, the work was massive, and customers blamed you if the shipping was delayed. Sure, if you could find the one magic product that had the right profit margin, the right supply company you might be able to do really well but this just did not seem like the right path for us.

We could open a POD business but we are not artists and we did not have the money to pay for cool graphics.

Then we found affiliate marketing. No having to hold inventory, unlimited earning potential, no dealing with customer complaints, and all it took was time and writing. Yes, please.

But how do we go about making this a reality? Well we started digging in to the search engines to find out all the free info we could find. We even started a site on

Suffice it to say we went nowhere slowly. We had started to pick up the lingo and jargon so we got better at sorting through the garbage but we started running in to problems. It became difficult because sometimes you did not know what you did not know to ask. (We hope you followed that!)

Eventually we ran across an opportunity to learn how to do affiliate marketing. It was a program that was going to teach us how to be affiliate marketers and build a sustainable business online.

We found out about this platform by sheer accident, but from the first moment we landed on the site, we knew it was something we HAD to try. 

This time nobody promised us fancy cars or piles of cash, but they did promise if we stuck with it we would see results. Let’s just say we finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel.

What we found was an educational platform that helps people start an online business and the company had been doing this very thing for 15 years (17 years as of 2021). 

The best thing about the platform was that it was free to join. We could try it before we bought it.

The name of the platform is Wealthy Affiliate.

It was and is the best thing that has ever happened to us.

 Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate

These guys were honest from the start.

They didn’t insult our intelligence like all those “gurus” out there in an effort to grab hold of our credit card number.

They offered the tools, step-by-step training, coaching, and more!

Basically, we got everything we needed to start our own business online.

… and that is exactly what we’ve done.

A few months later, with hard work, we earned our first commission. Then another one … and another one … and another one!

As we kept following Wealthy Affiliates advice, our income started to grow exponentially, and pretty soon we found ourselves in a situation where we were even able to quit our dead-end jobs!

Now we spend our time with the people we love and doing the things we want to do!

On Our Recent Trip To Texas, we got to visit Six Flags, Hurricane Harbor, Legoland Discovery Center, Sealife Aquarium, and Downtown Grapevine.

Sealife Aquarium
Family Selfie In Lazy River at Hurricane Harbor
Tom and AJ At Sealife
Family At Sealife
Tom and AJ At Six Flags Carousel

And A Few Pics From Our Camping Trip Two Weeks Later

Because of our success, one of our passions and hobbies has become helping people to achieve the same the same results.

 We want to help you achieve your dreams by starting an online business using the right techniques and tools.

Is that you? Do you want to start a successful business online?

100% Risk-Free. No Credit Card Required. Start Free.

Exactly How Do We Make Money Online?

We make money promoting products that someone else created using a simple four-step formula (which we’ll reveal soon!) and a method called AFFILIATE MARKETING.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting other people’s products using a website and affiliate links in return for a commission of the sale.

Sound simple? It is.

However, it does take time and effort to get results.

Affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It is a tried-and-true method of making money online.

Affiliate marketing is a multi-billion-dollar industry that continues to grow at an exponential rate do to the fact that more and more people shop online.

Affiliate Marketing Graph

Are you seeing the potential?

What we like about affiliate marketing?

With affiliate marketing, you don’t have to own or create any products, you don’t need any special skills, experience, or fancy diplomas to get started.

All you need is a WiFi, laptop (PC), the desire to learn, and determination.

Affiliate marketing creates passive income. This means eventually you can earn money autopilot from one single website even with a single post.

This also means you make money while you are eating, sleeping, or having fun!

Does it sound too good to be true?

It’s not but it does require work.

Keep reading because we are going to reveal the exact steps we use to make money with affiliate marketing.

Four-Step Formula!

People in the affiliate marketing industry like to overcomplicate the process.

This is done on purpose because they want to sell you their latest system or some useless tool.

The truth of the matter is affiliate marketing is pretty simple. It boils down to the four steps you learn at Wealthy Affiliate.

This exact four-step formula is the reason we are working for ourselves. It allows us to earn money passively while working from home.

You join an affiliate program(s), which are free to join, because you are there to promote their products. Each program has different rules but they all pay you a commission of the sale. You get the customers. They close the sales. You earn commissions!

Most major corporations like Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Walmart, Target (and many many others) have an affiliate program that you can join for free.  

In fact, as an affiliate marketer, you can promote over 600 MILLION products/service it will just depend on the niche you choose. 

That’s how we make $1000’s per month in passive income from just ONE website alone!

How Can You Get Started With a Four-Step Formula For Making Money Online Today?

Instead of selling you anything, we’re going to recommend you join the Starter Membership at Wealthy Affiliate (WA) today and start building your own online business free of charge.

You can start with WA for free, without obligations. Your Starter membership has no time limit, and you’ll get ten free video lessons and one free site to try things out.

WA does also have a Premium membership (which is $49 per month), but the reason we are not going to try to convince you to pay to join right away is that we want you to make your OWN financial decisions, based on your own experiences.

All we can say is that we have reviewed hundreds of programs and courses, and haven’t found a better program than Wealthy Affiliate.

Thanks to this exact system, we went from nothing to earning thousands of dollars a month in passive income. The main reason we recommend Wealthy Affiliate is because of their Starter Membership.

We know how many scams are out there that promise the world just to get you to pay the fee and then run away with your money.

Wealthy Affiliate is different.

You can try it out for free first and then make your own decision later.

100% Risk-Free. No Credit Card Required. Start Free.

What You Get With Wealthy Affiliate Today…

Wealthy Affiliate is a one-stop-shop for building a successful business online. EVERYTHING you need to start making money online is included in your membership.

You get access to beginner-friendly training, all the best tools, and amazing support!

One of the things we love most about Wealthy Affiliate, is that they earn your trust through their service, and they do so for free through the Starter membership before you even have to consider spending money.

Starter Membership

 Free Access to Level 1 of the Training Course – 10 Video Lessons (Value $99)

 Free WordPress-powered SiteRubix Website for Beginners (Value $49)

 Web Hosting for Your Free SiteRubix Website + Free SSL (Value $199)

 Easy To Use SiteRubix Website Builder (Value $199)

 Domain Marketplace (Value $149)

 Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool – 30 Free Searches (Value $99)

 Affiliate Program Finder Tool – Limited Version (Value $99)

 7-Days FREE Tech & Community Support (Value $199)

 Total Value = $1,092.00

The craziest thing about the Starter Membership is that you can join for free and stay a free member for as long as you want until you feel confident moving forward.

This is the #1 reason why Wealthy Affiliate is the most trusted online business platform!

100% Risk-Free. No Credit Card Required. Start Free.

Premium Membership

Unlimited Access to all 5 Levels of the Training Course – 50 Video Lessons (Value $999)

10 Premium WordPress-powered Websites (Value $499)

Intermediate Web Hosting for Your Premium Websites + Free SSL (Value $299)

Easy to Use SiteRubix Website Builder (Value $199)

Domain Marketplace (Value $149)

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool – Unlimited Number of Searches (Value $99)

Affiliate Program Finder Tool – Unlimited Number of Searches (Value $99)

SiteContent Publishing Platform (Value $99)

Unlimited 24/7 Website & Tech Support (Value $499)

52+ Expert Classes Per Year Hosted By Online Millionaire (Value $999)

Unlimited Community Communication and Private Help (Value $999)

Total Value = $4,939.00

Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership is designed for those who are ready to take their business to the next level.

The entire Premium package is worth well over $4K, but you won’t have to pay that price.

If you decide to upgrade your business, it will only cost you $49 per month (or $495 per year)!

Action-Taker Bonuses 

In case you like what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer and decide to take action with Premium during the first seven days of your free membership, you will get these bonuses too!

There are what we call action-taker bonuses and are available only during the first week.

Bonus #1 – 59% Off First Month Premium Membership (ONLY $19!)

Bonus #2 – The Diamond Traffic Guide

Bonus #3: 1001 Niche Ideas For Building Your Website

Bonus #4: 3 Million Monthly Visitor Formula

Bonus #5 – Access To Our Private Inbox 24/7/365

Out of those five bonuses, the last one is the most valuable.

We joined Wealthy Affiliate almost 3 years ago and we have gone from complete newbies to affiliate marketing experts.

We’ll be more than happy to share all our knowledge with you and help you to avoid mistakes that newbies make that cost us months of lost time and effort.

100% Risk-Free. No Credit Card Required. Start Free.

I’m Ready! What Do I Do Next?

We’re SO glad you’re still with us! We know you’re going to love your journey moving forward with Wealthy Affiliate. That said, here’s what you have to do…

Step 1: Set up your free Wealthy Affiliate account (it takes only a few minutes).

To get started right now, click on any of the Red Buttons on this page.

Then on the next page, enter your name and email, create a password, and create your Wealthy Affiliate user name.

When you are finished, click on the green button to create your Starter Account. Congrats! You’re in!

Step 2: Start the free training and grab your free website.

You will automatically land on Lesson 1 of the training after you go through the initial tour with Kyle, one of the co-owners of the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

As a free Starter member, you get access to the first 10 lessons (Level 1) from the course and one free site.

Step 3: Connect With Us

We will contact you on your profile once you are in WA. We recommend when you receive that message, you reach out to us!

Are you ready to get started? 

100% Risk-Free. No Credit Card Required. Start Free.

Join Wealthy Affiliate now! We’ll see you on the inside!

Your friends,

Brianna and Tom

Not Quite Convinced?

Read Our Wealthy Affiliate Review


Read More Information And Frequently Asked Questions About Wealthy Affiliate.

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