How To Take Old Content And Repurpose It For Social Media

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Repurpose Old Content For Social Media

What started as a way for college students to communicate, has turned in to a booming business of its own. I am of course referring to social media.

With multiple platforms to utilize you should be using it along side your business today.

Social Media helps with your brand. It helps with reputation and authority.

It is also useful for distributing your content.

You are not required to sign up to all social media but having at least one platform is advantageous.

There is a goldmine of information in your content just waiting to be repurposed on your social media channels.

What Is Content Repurposing?

“Taking pieces of your blog post content and turning them in to social media posts…” Jay affiliateresources.com

Overview Of Repurposing Old Content For Social Media

The Image below shows the concept by using a Mind Map.

Repurpose Old Content For Social Media

1. Take a snippet of content

2. Create a post

3. Post it with a link back to your blog post

By taking snippets of content from your blog post you can make 5-10 new pieces of social media content.

You can do this with all social media.

What Type Of Content Is On Your Site?

Product Reviews

  • Single Products

Buying Guides

  • Best X For Y in 2021
  • Round Up Reviews (several products in one post)

Educational Posts (Learn Based Posts)

  • How To
  • Step by Step
  • Ways To
  • Benefits Of


  • About
  • Contact
  • FAQ’s
  • Resources

Money Pages

  • Top Recommendations

If you think about the content you already have and the different social media channels available, you’ve got different content for all of them!

For example,

Instagram is not really useful for getting traffic to your site because you cannot embed links in your content so posts do not typically convert well on Instagram. You can put a links in the caption, comments, or on your profile.

However, Instagram does help highlight your brand in other ways. Try quotes from your website or tips in your niche.

How to prioritize content that performs well.

Choosing What Content To Repurpose.

Types of Content To Use For Social Media.


Content that converts.

  • If something is already converting, people are already doing what you want them to do, buying, signing up to email lists, commenting etc. What you want is to get MORE of that converting traffic.

Content that already ranks.

  • Same as above.

Content that engages.

  • Content Engagement means that it already gets comments and social shares (people are sharing).

Content that helps.

  • This type of content helps the reader. If it is “how to” or “step by step” content that would be perfect for a twitter thread.

Content that is popular.

Tip: Use Google Analytics to determine your popular content.


How To Post Twitter Threads

What is a Twitter Thread?

It is several tweets bundled in to one tweet. Perfect for “How to” and “Step By Step” articles.


Pinterest is wonderful for so many things. You can create all kinds of different pins that link directly to your content.


Carousels: This is where you can create multiple images and it creates a slide show.

Pins: Regular Pin

Story Pins

Video Pins

Note: Do be careful about your pins as Pinterest has filters that read some content as spam. Don’t post the same content to one board. Don’t pin the same pin multiple times or another pin with the same links in a short amount of time. Don’t use unauthorized photos.

Other Ideas


This idea has been hashed and rehashed as a good way to repurpose content. We agree that if you can create one then you should most definitely do it but not all content makes for a good infographic.


Turn your posts in to videos or videos in to posts. Adding a video to your post is said to boost your conversions.


Final Words

Using social media is a great way to get more traffic but use it wisely. Most platforms have some sort of spam policy so make sure to read their rules and guidelines.

We did not mention this platform in this article but Google’s Keen is another platform in which you can use read more about it here.

Hopefully, by now you should have oodles of ideas for your new social media content across multiple platforms. So, what are you going to do next?

What is your favorite social media platform?

If you have any questions make sure to leave a comment below.

Is there something you want to learn about that is not on this site?

Send us an email at contact@internetmarketingtoolsandprograms

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