Pinterest Changes 2023

Understanding the Latest Pinterest Changes and Their Influence on Your Marketing Strategy (2023)

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We definitely need to go over the the recent changes on Pinterest and how they could impact your Pinterest marketing strategy. One change involves the transition from “idea pins” to a unified pin format that includes both video and image pins.

Despite the changes, the core principles of Pinterest marketing, such as optimizing your account, using relevant keywords, and maintaining a consistent strategy, remain important for success.

Unified Pin Format and Simplification of Pin Types

Listen up yall, idea pins are no longer a thing.

Idea pins (Formally Story Pins) are being phased out, (or at least the name is) and a unified pin format is introduced. The new pin editor format includes both video and image pins hence “unified”. This eliminates having to figure out the distinctions between various pin types (idea pins, video pins, standard pins).

Previously created Idea Pins with pages will not be removed. Instead, these pins will be preserved and distributed as videos within the new format. This means that the content and links you’ve associated with your existing Idea Pins will remain intact.

According to Pinterest, there are no planned changes to the formatting of these previously created pins, so you won’t need to take any action to adapt them to the new format. Your content will continue to be available to users as part of the updated pin structure.

Clickable Pins

All pins, regardless of type (video or image), should now be clickable and linkable. This will hopefully will improve user engagement and lead to more interaction within pins.

Pinterest Changes 2023

Video Metrics Enhancement

Because of the new unified format, videos will start showing the same metrics as the normal static pins. This will be great for improved analytic data.

Importance of Having An Optimized Account

An optimized Pinterest account plays a pivotal role in ensuring your success within the evolving landscape of the platform. This optimization brings forth a myriad of benefits that contribute to your brand’s visibility, engagement rates, and overall user experience. By tailoring your account to Pinterest’s algorithms and user preferences, you enhance your chances of appearing prominently in search results, fostering a higher engagement rate among users who resonate with your content.

Furthermore, an optimized account signifies professionalism and reliability, instilling a sense of trust in your audience. With consistent branding and strategic keyword usage, your content becomes more discoverable, leading to improved search rankings and targeted reach. The lasting advantages of account optimization extend beyond immediate gains, providing a solid foundation for long-term success on Pinterest. As the platform undergoes changes, maintaining an optimized account enables you to seamlessly adapt, ensuring that your marketing goals are consistently supported. Whether you’re promoting products, services, or affiliate marketing efforts, an optimized Pinterest account acts as a cornerstone, driving traffic, engagement, and conversions while offering an enhanced experience for your audience.

Keywords for Pinterest SEO

The continued use of relevant keywords on Pinterest remains an essential strategy for effectively reaching your intended audience. Keywords play a crucial role in making your content discoverable by users who are searching for topics related to your niche. By incorporating keywords that align with your content’s theme, you increase the likelihood of your pins appearing in search results and relevant categories.

Keywords act as the bridge that connects users seeking specific information with your content. When users search for terms that match your keywords, your pins have a higher chance of being displayed, leading to increased visibility and engagement. Choosing keywords that accurately represent your content and resonate with your target audience enhances the chances of attracting users who are genuinely interested in what you offer.

In the context of Pinterest’s evolving platform, where changes are underway, the importance of keywords still remains. They continue to serve as a fundamental tool for driving organic traffic, improving search rankings, and ensuring that your content aligns with the interests of your audience. Please Note That Hashtags were not discussed because they were phased out in 2022.


Really I think it boils down to Pinterest wanted two things.

1. To Streamline The Process

2. More User Engagement

With one pin creator (instead of multiple options and formats) I believe this will in fact help to streamline the process. I also like the added benefit of being able to link to all pins and improved metrics.

While I don’t believe these are massive changes its possible that this may effect your strategy. So time to get to brainstorming your next move!

You do need to try and maintain a strong presence on Pinterest for your marketing efforts to be successful. Stay Consistent and Pin Regularly!

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  1. These are great changes for Pinterest. I have seen YouTubers talk about changes but never took note. Thank you for explaining. I quit Pinterest a year ago as I lost traction. Maybe I will give it a go with this.

    1. Pinterest has what feels like a slow burn. It takes some time to get started and then more time to learn the ropes. Once you get it though its an amazing platform.
      The fact that you are here means that you are still mulling Pinterest’s’ potential and I know that its still there and thriving. Its just always changing and evolving along with everything else. The key is to work with the algorithm not against it. I have plenty of free information on Pinterest on this site and I am still writing. As in there is more to come! So stay with me and we will get through this together!

  2. I’ve played around with Pinterest on and off but I wasn’t aware of the changes to the platform that you outlined in your post. I never had the option to create “Idea Pins” only “Pins”.
    Maybe it was a location thing where only some territories had access to creating “Idea Pins” and others didn’t.
    In any case, I think it’s a good move by Pinterest to consolidate the creation of all pin types under one link/button. It evens the playing field for everyone now.

  3. This is strange, as I still see the “Idea Pin” option in my country ( Belgium) on Pinterest, the thing that has changed though, is that I can’t upload multiple pictures on it anymore, only a single one. Will that go away as well?

    1. As far as the fact that you are still seeing idea pins it may not have rolled out for all countries. My dashboard has not changed either. I can only refer you back to the announcement page. If and indeed when it rolls out I will make the announcement on my blog so check back here or keep up with us on Pinterest!

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