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Overview Of What Is Google’s Keen?

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Have you heard of keen? Well, that is probably what brought you here today. You want to learn more about Google’s new program, Keen, at and we have the details.

Keen Home Page

What The Heck Is Keen?

Keen is a google product that is similar to Pinterest in terms of what it actually does. Its about sharing images and links and is a place to curate your interests.

Because it is a google product, Keen pulls info from its own google index to help you find more things to add to your keen (space). That helps make Keen a fantastic research tool as well.

As you use Keen to add and curate content, it uses machine learning and AI to suggest content for your specific interests.

How The Idea For Keen Came About

Keen’s Press Release tells the origins of how the Keen idea was born.

What Does Keen Cost?

It is free to use for everyone.

There are no ads.

There are also no invites to be able to use the program.

How To Login To Keen?

You use your google account to login.

Sign up at

Keen Home Page Sign In

How Is Keen Good For My Website?

  • Keen is awesome for sharing your own content. That includes links to your own written content or links to videos on Youtube or where ever you host.
  • You can grow a network (a following) inside of Keen as well.
  • Create Categories (Keens) based on categories from your site.
  • Keen also contributes to website ranking as it shows up in your “links” section on Google Search Console. So, basically, use it for SEO backlinks.
  • Using the “Explore” tab will help you with research by allowing you to see competition. You must create a keen to see the explore tab but you don’t have to create a Gem.
Keen Explore Tab
Keen Explore Tab Up Close Shot
  • By just plugging in the competing article URL to your keyword tool (We use Jaaxy.) you can come up with more keywords and/or questions.

Keen Vocabulary

In Pinterest we have

  • Boards
  • Pins

In Keen we have

  • Keens
  • Gems

So, a Pinterest “Board” is a Keen “Keen”.

A Pinterest “Pin” is a Keen “Gem”.

So to summarize, when you create a category you are creating a “keen” and when you create a gem you are creating a link or a “pin”.

Note: Pinterest and Keen are separate entities and have nothing to do with one another. We used Pinterest as a metaphor to help describe Keen a little better.

How Long Has Keen Been Around?

Since June 2020.

How Are Keen And Pinterest Different?

Keen has been described as a “stripped down” version of Pinterest. Its creators wanted to make a place where you could get to the content you were looking for easily and more efficiently instead of scrolling for hours getting lost in content and getting nothing done.

So Keen is trying to be a place where you can hyper focus on the things you are actually interested in. There are also no ads so that helps keep the place keen.

What If Keen Fails Or Goes Away?

Well Keen could fail or go away just like Google Plus. That could definitely happen, but we are of the mind that you should use it while you can as it is another source of traffic for your website. We just wouldn’t put all our eggs in one basket. Just consider it another layer of social media tools at your disposal.

How to add a Keen (Category)

Once you are logged in click the circle with a plus sign in the middle of the screen.

Adding A Keen

Then click “New Keen”

New Keen

A new page will appear and now you type in your category or keyword. Then click Next.

Adding Category To A New Keen

For this example we used the keyword “puppies”.

Adding Category To A New Keen 2

In the next screen you will add more keywords or the search terms you want to see in your feed. Some suggestions populate and you can click on those as well. Then click Next.

Add search terms to your keen

Finally, you upload a photo or use the one that Keen suggests and add a description (optional). Then check or uncheck if you want email updates.

We uncheck this box as we do not need any more emails and we will be checking Keen regularly anyway.

Then click Create.

Upload a Photo and Description to Keen

Congratulations! You have created your first Keen!

Thanks for taking the time to read this article. Help us out by sharing!

Do you have any other questions? Suggestions? Feedback?

Leave us a reply below and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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