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My Online Startup Review: Free Affiliate Training Program And More (MyOnlineStartup)

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If you are wondering what is My Online Startup all about, you’re come to the right place! In this article we will be discussing the free and paid aspects of the program. We put ourselves in the drivers seat to test out this course and put it all in this My Online Startup review.

If you do end up purchasing My Online Startup Lifetime Partner Program, we will earn a small commission. This keeps our lights and coffee on so we thank you in advance. (Keeping our lights is important, but it’s the coffee we worry about!)

Overview Of My Online Startup

 Affiliate Marketing Training Platform

Company Owner: Chuck Nguyen

Price: Free To Join + Free Course + Premium Membership $197

Money-Back Guarantee: 30 days

Quick Summary: 

My Online Startup is a free and paid affiliate marketing training platform created by online entrepreneur Chuck Nguyen.

Chuck teaches you how to start an online business with affiliate marketing. The course includes information on having a main action plan, having the right mindset, blogging, affiliate marketing, lead generation, YouTube marketing, forum marketing, and solo ads.

My Online Startup Home Page

I bet the first thing you are wanting to know is…

Is MyOnlineStartup a scam?

No, but it is a very clever little program. In other words, Chuck practices what he preaches. His entire program is the plan in action. It is what you will be learning to do. Create a free offer. Give it away for email signups, build trust with your audience, then pitch the offer. This is a very legitimate program and business model.

It kinda felt sketchy at first because he is giving away an entire affiliate course for free and your like “So what’s the catch?” (I will get in to that in a moment.)

We were surprised at the level of depth the program goes into for free. You can pay thousands to learn what he teaches and we have! It goes in to the real and deep aspects of running an online business with affiliate marketing.  It is a complete blueprint all for free.

So back to the catch…Chuck pitches his personal mentoring program, tools, and resources all throughout the training.

We don’t actually think anything is wrong with that. Afterall he is an affiliate too! I repeat, he practices what he preaches. Plus to start an online business you do need certain things like a website and hosting. Why not point people in the right direction and get a cut of the pie. As I said it is a clever little program.

It is not an MLM or a pyramid scheme. It is also not a get rich scheme. You will actually need to work and take action to see real results.

By using paid traffic methods, you are able to scale your business faster, however, this does mean you need some investment money.

If you do not have any of the tools to start a business there are some free ways to get started but it won’t stay free forever.

My Online Startup also has a premium program that is $197 (Lifetime Price)

Premium includes private coaching, rights to promote My Online Startup, done-for-you material, multiple income streams, etc.

My Online Startup is absolutely a legit program and we definitely recommend the free training course.

If nothing else, it teaches you paid marketing strategies which you would normally pay for to learn anything of value anyway. This information alone is GOLD!

What is My Online Startup?

Founded by a man named Chuck Nguyen, MyOnlineStartup is a free platform for learning affiliate marketing. The comprehensive training is for all who are interested in becoming online entrepreneurs. Even if you just want to add a few hundred dollars to you bank account this is the way to go.

My Online Startup Review Pin

Brief Affiliate Marketing Overview

In case you’re not familiar with affiliate marketing, it is the process of promoting products (housed and packaged by other people) and earning a commission every time a sale is made.

To get started in affiliate marketing, you need to do few things…

  • To Choose Your Niche
  • Get Hosting
  • Build A Website
  • Get traffic (Free and/or Paid Traffic)

This free affiliate training program is going to help you with all those steps.

The training contains nine modules broken down that are shown in video format online. There is nothing to download and no credit card required.


Who is the Chuck Nguyen?

Chuck Nguyen: My Online Startup Review

Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, Chuck Nguyen claims he is a six-figure online entrepreneur.

We will be honest and say that we had never heard of Chuck before accidently stumbling across another blog that promoted My Online Startup. Not always a bad sign but it definitely had us curious to learn more.

Because we have years of experience, we know what to look for in a program and My Online Startup surprised us. Not only does it have good information but we never seen this level of depth in a free program.

Now you can learn all about Affiliate marketing and how do it all across the web but when you are first learning you don’t know what you don’t know so it is difficult to piece the puzzle together. This course has it all in one place.

Because we were skeptical of this “free information” we went through EVERY SINGLE module and decided to put this review together!

Take A Peek Inside MyOnlineStartup

My Online Startup Review Inside The Free Course

It is a very simple and clean page that is easy to navigate. A win in our book.

As you can see it is already pushing the partner program. Just a heads up as it is mentioned at the end of every video.  While this may be annoying, remember that you are getting FREE training and in exchange you have to listen to a quick pitch.

You are welcome to join the free Facebook community. We joined but did not think it was that big of a deal. Not that I want to discourage you from joining we just don’t get the hype.

We are already apart of a great online community at Wealthy Affiliate so maybe that is why we were indifferent. You really do need to have people around you who are supportive of your business goals and most of the time it won’t be your friends and family. It will be a group of like-minded individuals.

The Training

The training consists of 9 modules broken down in to 51 separate videos.

The first few videos talk about having the right mindset.

We were pleasantly surprised at this addition to the training. Not a lot of training out there covers this part of running a business. It may seem silly but these videos are extremely important to your future success. You do need to be in the right frame of mind to do this seriously and we think Chuck does a good job of covering this topic nicely and in full.

Then it will be time to get in to the “meat and potatoes” of the training and you will start with an introduction in to affiliate marketing.

What we liked the most about My Online Startup is the amount of free information about how to generate traffic. He uses multiple methods both free and paid. or example, search engine optimization, YouTube marketing, forum marketing, and solo ads. As mentioned earlier this part is GOLD all by itself!

We do think that this section lacks the full guide “step by step process”. Chuck a great job of explaining each section in great detail so you come away with the basics but the training lacks the detailed “how to” part.

After every lesson there is a check list of actions to take before the next video. So make sure to take ACTION!!!

Note: You can watch the videos multiple times there is no timer or time limit to view each one.


Tools are not included with the free or paid membership levels. There are suggested tools to use but ultimately it is up to you what you need and where to purchase. FYI Chuck gets a commission off these tools too. Again, clever and nothing wrong with it.

Some of the tools recommended have free trials so you can try before you buy.

Warning: You need money to invest in your business. There is no way around it.

You can start for free by using a free hosting site like wealthy affiliate’s siterubix or but in the long run you will need to purchase your own domain and hosting.

Recommendations Include:

Other Affiliate Marketing Training Platforms

  • Wealthy Affiliate – Which oddly enough is our No 1 Recommendation as well! Wealthy Affiliate promotes free traffic through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and teaches you how to build a website and the foundation. The package also includes hosting for up to 10 websites (at the premium membership), training, weekly live webinars, an inhouse keyword tool called Jaaxy, a website builder, plugins, and a fantastic overwhelmingly awesome community.
  • Authority Hacker:
  • Commission Hero:

Affiliate Networks

  • ClickBank – an affiliate network that focuses on digital products to promote. Free to join however some countries are restricted.

Note: There are many affiliate networks out there but ClickBank is the only one we know of that only promotes digital products and puts it all in one market place.

  • Share A Sale- Retail affiliate network. Some digital products. Free to join.

Hosting Companies

  • SiteGround – A hosting company. Needed to have a place to build your site.
  • BlueHost – A different hosting company.

Note: Wealthy Affiliate has hosting included

WordPress Themes

  • Jumpstart Theme – Just one of many WordPress themes available. You need a theme to be able to create a blog.
  • Thrive Themes – A Premium WordPress theme.

Note: We happen to recommend Kadence or Generate Press. Both are lightning fast and easy to use. These two themes we just mentioned have free versions and paid versions.

Keyword Tools

  • LongTail Pro: Keyword research tool

Note: Wealthy Affiliate has a keyword tool inhouse and included (Jaaxy).

Writing Platforms

  • Grammarly: This is a writing platform that checks your content for grammatical errors, punctuation, and spelling.

Note: Wealthy Affiliate has an inhouse checker called Site Content that is also included but Grammarly is still the best.

Funnel Builder

  • ClickFunnels: A landing page and funnel builder

Note: We recommend just creating these pages yourself in WordPress.


  • GetResponse:  An email autoresponder.

Note: We recommend Aweber. It is free up to 500 subscribers.

Ebook Creators

  • Sqribble: An eBook creator. You have to offer something to your visitors in return for their email address. eBooks are an easy option.

Note: We recommend using Microsoft Word,, Adobe, or Google Docs and making your own PDF.

Other Programs

  • Udimi: Platform where you buy Solo Ads.
  • Thrive Leads – this tool is almost difficult to explain but in essence this is the place that creates popups, sticky ribbons, slide ins, inline forms etc. These are all different types of sign-up forms for your site.
  • Lead Pages: “Leadpages helps small businesses connect with an audience, collect leads, and close sales. Easily build websites, landing pages, pop-ups, alert bars, and beyond.”
  • ClickMagick: Online Link Tracker
  • NameCheap: Domain Registry
  • Elementor Pro: Website Block Builder

And there are so many more.

So while the course is free you will still need money to invest in your business. You can buy the tools directly from MyOnlineStartup or go out and find your own.

Can you imagine how much money you would need if you had to pay for the course as well?!?!?!

With some of our “notes” or tips listed above you can cut some of these costs, but you will need most of these tools in one form or another.

Are you starting to see how brilliant this program is? It’s a money making machine packaged as a free course. The best part is you do actually need these tools to run your business and all good old chuck is doing is putting the right products in front of the right buyers at the right time. The whole system helps people AND makes money. Exactly what Chuck is teaching.

If you are interested in promoting My Online Startup, you will need to pay to enter the program.

 So you sign up and then turn around and promote My Online Startup and get a cut of those commissions. Freaking Genius.


MyOnlineStartup Course Syllabus: The Training Breakdown

My Online Startup Free Video Course

Module Overview

Step 1: The Game Plan (Video 1)

Who is Chuck? Why Create This First Course

How To Get The Most From This Course

The Simplest Way To Build An Online Business

The 9 Component Of A Successful Affiliate Business

The Big Picture Of Your Online Business

Action Plan From Today’s Lesson

My Online Startup Free Training

Step 2: Success Mindset

Video 1: Mindset Is Everything

Understanding The Power Of Your Mindset

Your Fears Are Holding You Back

The Core Skill To Developing Your Success Mindset

Action Plan From Today’s Lesson

Video 2: Strong Personal Why

Understanding Why We Do What We Do

Creating A Strong Why That Matters To You

Leveraging Your Strong Why For Success

Action Plan From Today’s Lesson

Video 3: Clear Income Goal

Why Do You Need To Have A Clear Income Goal

Creating A Crystal Clear Income Goal

Leveraging Your Income Goal For Success

Action Plan From Today’s Lesson

Video 4: Powerful Self Image

You Are Who You Think You Are (Self Image)

Creating A New And More Powerful Self Image

Leveraging Your New Self Image For Success

Action Plan From Today’s Lesson

Video 5: Personal Success Formula

Creating Your Personal Success Card

Example Of A “Personal Success Car”

How To Leverage Your Personal Success Card

Action Plan From Today’s Lesson

Video 6: 100x Productive

Working As An Entrepreneur Is Extremely Hard

Method 1 – Method 9

Video 7: My Success Philosophy

            Chuck’s Philosophy

Step 3: Affiliate Marketing

Video 1: Important Fundamentals

The Different Components Of Affiliate Marketing

Why You Must Have A Budget To Get Started

My Personal Tips & Tricks For Massive Success

Action Plan For Today’s Lesson

Video 2: Most Profitable Niches

Choosing Your Niche For Your Online Business

Why My Chosen Niche Is Affiliate Marketing

Action Plan For Today’s Lesson

Video 3: Find Affiliate Products

How To Find Affiliate Products

Video 4: Pick Your One Product

The Importance Of Your One Offer

Criteria When Picking Your One Offer

Video 5: Use Your Unfair Advantage

Step 4: Lead Generation

Video 1: Super Affiliate Formula

Super Affiliate Marketers VS Average Affiliate Marketers

Complete Picture Of A Lead Generation System

Video 2: Quality Lead Magnet

Everything You Need To Know About a Lead Magnet

Action Plan For Today’s Lesson

Video 3: Creating Capture Pages

Everything You Need To Know About A Capture Page

My Online Startup Review Everything you need to know about a capture page

Video 4: Automated Follow Ups

The Secret To Maximizing Your Conversions

Video 5: Track Your Conversions

Why You Must Track Everything You Do Online

Video 6: Integrating Your Systems

How To Connect Our Entire Lead Generation System

Step 5: Authority Platform

Video 1: Importance Of A Blog

Why You Must Build Your Own Authority Blog

Tips & Tricks When It Comes To Building Your Blog

Video 2: Building Out Your Site

The Components To Building An Authority Blog

Video 3: Customizing Your Blog

Video 4: Best Type Of Articles

Best Types Of Articles To Focus On For Your Blog

Video 5: Tips And Tricks To Writing

Basic Tips When It Comes To Writing Your Articles

Step 6: YouTube Marketing

Video 1: The Power Of Youtube

Video 2: Setting Up Channel

Video 3: Must Have Resources

Video 4: Best Types Of Videos

Step 7: Forum Marketing

Quality Traffic Source

Step 8: Targeted Solo Ads

Easiest Traffic Method

How MyOnlineStartup Works In A Nutshell

Go through the training.

Gain affiliate marketing knowledge.

Create a campaign for one central offer.

Generate traffic.

Make sales.

more traffic = higher your earning potential.

Okay so we over simplified the process but we think you get the basic idea.


  • Join without a credit card.
  • Free Training in Affiliate Marketing
  • All the tools and resources have been sourced for you.
  • Replay-able Video Modules
  • Lead Generation Ideas
  • Run by someone who practices what he preaches. Walks the walk. Talks the talk.


  • The training does not talk enough about free organic traffic by way of SEO (search engine optimization)
  • You need to buy in to the program to promote it. There is something about paying to promote a product that does not sit completely well with us. You are paying for so much more than the opportunity to be an affiliate like done for you (dfy) email campaigns, dfy capture page, a private group, mentoring, etc that we can let that one go but it still was worth saying out loud.
  • Ads can be expensive.
  • Offer of premium pitched at every chance. We will admit for us this is not a deal breaker. We are affiliate marketers too and this is the correct way to do business. Give Value. Help Your Customers by solving a problem.
  • The Program does not mention the tool prices up front. They are not hiding it per se, but no where does it clearly state that the tools to start a business costs money.
  • In our opinion there is not enough information on creating a lead magnet. There is an overview and a few tips but you are pretty much left on your own to create one. That is of course unless you pay for the lifetime membership. The package includes done for you (dfy) lead magnet.

What You Need To Do To Signup for My Online Startup

To join you need this link, your name, and email address and you will get access to the free online course.

To become a lifetime partner just click the link inside the program or above and pay the $197.00 fee.

Exclusive Rights To Promote My Online Startup

Lifetime Partner Membership

Access To Private Training Group (Inner Circle)

Done For You Lead Gen System

  • Email Campaigns
  • Capture Page
  • ETC

$100 Per sale of Membership

Private Training

Multiple Income Streams

Partner Traffic Income Streams

Lifetime Partner Membership $197 lifetime fee.

Refund policy: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Who Is My Online Startup For?

This program is designed for anyone who wants to run their own affiliate marketing business online. Even as veteran affiliate marketers there was still much to learn and takeaway from the free training.

Final Thoughts

Throughout this review and the training, we have learned to fall in love with affiliate marketing all over again.

We started out thinking this program was a scam and were pleasantly surprised to learn that it is in fact a very legitimate program with a down to earth coach. We appreciated and resonated with Chuck’s teaching style.

There are a ton of products to choose from when picking the tools to use for your business and My Online Startup puts many options directly at your fingertips. We do still suggest doing your research about each tool before purchasing otherwise you might end up with something you don’t need.

We still can’t believe the value just given away in the free course. Even as experience marketers we learned new things from this course.

It is not completely comprehensive and there is still much to be learned after you go through this training.

We still recommend Wealthy Affiliate as the first starting point of your online journey, but this program should definitely be your second stop as you become more familiar with affiliate marketing.

The big difference between My Online Startup and Wealthy Affiliate is that WA focuses on free organic traffic and the foundations of your website. My Online startup helps you scale your business faster.

We think both programs combined make for a well rounded affiliate education. Don’t skip either and remember the training at My Online Startup is FREE.

We absolutely, hands down recommend the free training at My Online Startup. We are even on board if you decide to promote the program too!

Wealthy Affiliate Review

More Information And Frequently Asked Questions About Wealthy Affiliate

My Online Startup

Free To Join

UpGrade To The Lifetime Partner Program


Multiple Streams Of Income


Free Affiliate Marketing Training


Cons Rating


Pros Rating



  • Join without a credit card
  • Free Training in Affiliate Marketing
  • All the tools and resources have been sourced for you
  • Replay-able Video Modules
  • Lead Generation Ideas


  • The training does not talk enough about free organic traffic by way of SEO (search engine optimization)
  • You need to buy in to the program to promote it.
  • Paying for ads can be expensive
  • Program does not mention the tool prices up front.

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  1. The lack of organic traffic training, the “pay to play,” high paid ads cost, and done-for-you promotional materials push me away from it, so I might try the free training courses to learn affiliate marketing basics and find another better platform with more to offer. For example, your recommendation catches my eye. 🙂


    1. Yes, the free training is absolutely worth it but it is (in our opinion) not complete. We think of the training at MyOnlineStartup as a good place to start as Chuck gives really good overviews of each section. It’s the “meat and potatoes” that is missing in some sections.

      As an affiliate though it is a great program that you can recommend for those who are just getting started and the affiliate program is also worth the upgrade.
      We just wouldn’t put all our eggs in one basket.
      Our official recommendation would be to do this program AND Wealthy Affiliate. Even Chuck and My Online Startup recommend WA.

      Wealthy Affiliate is for those who are serious about getting the right training. However that is the difference between free training and paid training. Wealthy Affiliate does have a free trial so you can try it before you buy it.
      Read Our Wealthy Affiliate Review Here
      Read More Information and Frequently Asked Questions About Wealthy Affiliate.

  2. My Online Startup would be ideal for anyone who wants to experience online affiliate marketing without paying huge sums of money. By doing this, one would find out if this is the direction they wish to go in or find another avenue.

    I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate, and since doing my research, I have found them to be at the top of their game. There are other programs that you mentioned, such as Bluehost and Siteground. They are in no way as good as Wealthy Affiliate.

    I noticed that Grammarly has a plagiarism checker, which would be beneficial to those who want to ensure they are not using someone else’s words.

    I enjoyed reading your informative review post.

  3. Yes, I believe this is a great place to start in getting to know this type of business and you can build from there. Thanks so much for the breakdown of this review this is really and in-depth review. It is very helpful.

  4. Many of the programs you’ve listed I already know and work with. Your article helped expose me to some I haven’t heard of before and will now investigate further.

    It is essential when somebody gets into the game of doing any form of business startup online to educate themselves as much as possible. Too many fly in blind and too many wind up flying straight back out with absolutely nothing positive to show for it.

    I do find with Wealthy Affiliate they are the most effective when it comes to taking people from ground zero in their startups and help catapult them to levels of success that otherwise would not be so easily achievable. Anybody genuinely serious to be successful really need to give them a good study over.

  5. This most definitely seems to be a worthwhile program for learning affiliate marketing. I like that it was created by someone who practices what he preaches. I have found Wealthy Affiliate to meet all my needs, but it is good to know about other programs as well. All the Best.

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