KDP Niche Research: Looking For Profitable Niches

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We spent the last couple of days immersed in KDP niche research to find new books to create and we wanted to share our results. We also watched the latest KDP profitable niches videos to compare notes with other bloggers and in this case vloggers. Hopefully this will help you narrow down your niche without all the extra legwork.

Please note that these results are based on todays date the 21th of September 2021.

While there are many tools to use for KDP keyword research for this search we used Self Publishing Titans chrome browser extension. Using this extension while worthwhile is extremely tedious to us as it is extraordinary SLOW! We may discontinue use of this tool but for now we forge SLOWLY ahead.

 Please be aware that there are other ways to find profitable KDP niches and other tools. This is just one way and your results may vary.

When searching for niches with the Self Publishing Titans extension, it gives you a score out of 100. What you are looking for is a score of 60 and above.

Profitable KDP Niches in 2021

Daily Planner Undated                                                   score 65

Daily Planner Undated 8.5 x 11                                        score 67

Daily Planner Undated Hourly Appointment Book       score 73

Daily Activity Log Book                                                       score 65

Medium: Worth A Shot Niches

Blood Sugar Log Book          score 50

Glucose Log Book                  score 54

Purse Size Address Book      score 54

kawaii journal notebook      score 55

Antique Journal                      score 46

Nursing Pocket Notebook    score 45

Chibi Coloring Book               score 47

isometric notebook for architects score 36 but there are only 376 results

Now for some niches we ran across during our search that are not profitable right now according to the Self Publishing Titans Tool.

Not Profitable Niches

Parrot Journal                                        score 15

Mermaid Coloring Book For Kids           score 41

Glucose Journal                                      score 9

Kawaii Journal                                         score 35

Kawaii Journal Notebook For School  score 22

Kawaii Chibi Coloring Book                    score 39

Pastel Goth Journal                                score 33

Pastel Goth Coloring Book                     score 13

Isometric Notebook For Designers         score 15

Skulls And Roses Notebook score 29

Final Words

This list is by no means exhaustive and we will update with more ideas as we go. We are not completely satisfied with the plugin or the results so we are looking for a new way to do keyword research for kdp books. Stay tuned for more KDP articles!

Do you have a specific method for doing kdp research? Let us know in the comments below.

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