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Kadence A WordPress Theme: Kadence Theme Review

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Kadence WP Theme Review

(Updated 2022)

If you’ve landed on this page chances are that you have heard about Kadence a WordPress theme and you want to learn more. We have compiled data from around the web to give you the best analysis we can and to answer the most frequently asked questions about Kadence.

What is Kadence?

Kadence is WordPress theme that is multipurpose, fast, mobile ready, and SEO friendly. It is the fullest featured free WordPress theme that has ever been released. That means it lets you do more for free than any other theme that is currently available. There is a Pro plan and Pro plan bundle, And Lifetime Pro bundle available.

It is more modern in comparison to GeneratePress which is one of our two recommended WordPress themes .

Besides the Kadence original theme, there are 30 ++ other starter theme templates and 17 plugins available.

Kadence has  a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars on WordPress.com.

Founded and owned by Benjamin Ritner.

Kadence Free Version Features

As we mentioned above Kadence has the most free features out of all the WordPress themes. (That is at the time of writing this review.) Take a look at the image below to see everything you can do for FREE with this theme.

What Are Kadence Pro Key Features?

When you upgrade to Kadence Pro it unlocks the complete header control and unlimited design potential.

  • Drag And Drop Header Builder
  • Account Login and Setup For Membership Sites
  • Contact Header Widget
  • Divider Heading Options
  • Search Bar Heading Option
  • Elements: Insert any content you can create in areas that normally don’t have content. Three Main Options: Default, Fixed, Code Options
  • Placement Settings: Where the content will be placed.
  • User Settings: Who can see the content for example logged in users only
  • Device Settings: What device the content is for like just on mobile phones
  • Expire Settings: Can set elements for a certain time period. For example, you have a sale banner on your site that you want to expire in 2 weeks.
  • Ultimate Menu: Add icons instead of words to the header
  • Mega Menu: Turn your menu into a mega menu using elements and your page builder
  • Header And Footer Scripts
  • WooCommerce
  • Add Filter
  • Pop-out Cart
  • Custom Shop Page

Kadence: Free Version: Tour The Customize Options (With Real Screenshots)

Kadence Has 6 Main Key Features For Customization.

  1. Global Colors
  2. Branding
  3. Typography
  4. Header Layout
  5. Page Layout
  6. Footer Layout

1. Global Colors: Pick Your Brand Colors

2. Branding:

3: Typography:

4. Header Layout:

5. Page Layout:

Footer Layout:

Customize Kadence

In the back office of WordPress under the “Appearance” tab click on “Customize”.

More Than 30 Starter Themes Available

When we original published this article Kadence only had 5 starter themes. There are now over 30 and more being added all the time. This theme works for every niche.

Here are a few thumbnails of some of the ones we liked.

Soap Store Theme
Surf Shop Theme
Leather Theme
Shopping Theme
Recipe Blog Theme

All Premium Features

What Is Kadence Lacking? (Cons)

We’ve listed all the PROs so it is only fair to discuss some of Kadence’s drawbacks, but we could not come up with many.

When we originally wrote this article there were only 5 starter themes available and we listed that as a con. Now there are more than 30 options! However that is still not as many options as some of Kadence’s competitors. So it still made it on the cons list. With as customizable as Kadence WP theme is this may not be a problem for all.

No White Label Option (supposedly in the works)

Otherwise it is one of the best templates available for WordPress. We only recommend two themes on this site and Kadence is one of them.

Who Is Kadence For?

Kadence is for anyone and everyone who needs an awesome WordPress theme that is SEO and mobile friendly, and and is super fast! This even includes developers.

The Kadence theme has the most free features available on any WordPress free theme.

Chances are the free version will be all that you need, but if you want a membership site, ecommerce site, to use hooks and elements, access to theme updates, or you just want to support the developers, then one of the Pro upgrades is what you need.

Is Kadence A Good Theme?

Yes! It is one of the best professional WordPress themes available on the market today. It has a free version and a Pro version. Both versions are great it just depends on your needs and budget.

Kadence is

  1. Fast
  2. SEO friendly
  3. Lightweight
  4. Mobile Friendly
  5. Extremely Customizable

Is The Kadence Theme Fast? 

Lightning fast. It is one of the fastest WordPress themes available. It is also only 42 KB.

What Is Kadence’s Performance Like?

(The Facts)

9 Total Requests (8-10 Is normal range)

41.9KB (40-55 is normal range for fast sites)

Works with any page builder. However Kadence does have its own block extender plugin simply called “Kadence Blocks”.

Has WooCommerce Integration

Kadence Theme Price

Pricing Plans: Free, Pro, Pro with Bundles, Lifetime


Pro: $59

Essential Bundle: $129

Full Bundle: $199

Lifetime Full Bundle: $699

Kadence Pro Full Bundle comes with…

  • Kadence Pro Plugin – Premium addon for the Kadence Theme
  • Kadence Blocks Pro
  • Kadence Cloud
  • Kadence Shop Kit
  • Advanced Reviews
  • Product Galleries
  • Variation Swatches
  • Sizing Charts
  • Cart Notices
  • Variation Price Control
  • Change Add to cart text
  • Checkout Manager
  • Product Brands
  • Global Tabs
  • Checkout Coupon Modal
  • Kadence Custom Fonts
  • Kadence reCAPTCHA
  • Kadence Galleries
  • Kadence Slider Pro
  • Kadence Simple Share
  • Kadence Widget Dock
  • Kadence Related Content
  • Kadence Pricing Table
  • Kadence Page Transitions
  • Kadence WooCommerce SiteOrigin Builder
  • Kadence AMP
  • Kadence Fullpane Vertical Slider
  • Kadence Woocommerce Elementor
  • Kadence Reading Time
  • Child Theme Builder
  • 30 day Money Back Refund Policy
  • Once Purchased can be used on unlimited sites including client sites.

Sites That Use The Kadence Theme



Kadence Theme Getting Started Video

Final Thoughts

Through this review we have come to like Kadence so much that we are saving for the lifetime plan. Soon this site will have Kadence as it’s theme. Until now we were huge fans of GeneratePress and that is what we currently use. We still love GP but we love how much more modern Kadence is than GeneratePress. We also love all the header options (header builder).

The Lifetime Full Bundle Plan is the best option because of the set price, updates, and support for life. It comes with all the features you could ever need including plugins built just for the theme.

You may be tempted to stay with the free version of Kadence, but we suggest that if you actually use Kadence, and like it, to upgrade eventually. The support and updates alone are worth the price.

The lifetime package is expensive up front but it will pay off in the end. A big bonus to the lifetime offer is that you get any future products Kadence puts out for free.

We are beyond impressed with all that Kadence has to offer and believe you will be too.

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  1. Kadence is really good! I also use GeneratePress, but with an upcoming website I am developing, I’ve been working with Kadence as it suits the niche I’m working with in there.

  2. This is the first time that I have heard of this program but from what you have said this system seems to be worth the investment. It is good to know that Kadence has really delivered on its promise and has won your heart.

  3. I agree, Kadence looks like a great theme to consider!
    Generate Press is my current theme, after reading your review of Kadence though, I think I will build a test site in Kadence and see how it goes. Certainly looks promising.
    Thank you for sharing, Yvonne.

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