Improving Old Content for SEO, Rankings, and Conversions

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Do you have old or outdated content? Chances are if your website is 6 months old or older you do!

An Overview Of Improving Old Content

How Do We Improve Content?

Add More Content

Add Images

Update Existing Content: Rewording the article

Change Up The Meta:

  • Description
  • Title

Updating The Dates

For example, your title says Best Microphones 2020. You will want to change that to 2021.

Do not change the date of the article. In the code of your website, it will show when you updated the article so the       search engines will know that you updated the content without physically changing the posted article date.

Check your keywords.

Improve your headlines.

Check on your on-page SEO.

Check for outdated information such as old contact details, company names or product names that have changed.

Check your CTA and see if you can improve it.

Elaborate on some topics.

Embed a Youtube video if it doesn’t already have one.


Determining If Content Is Old

1. By The Date: How old is the content?

2. Ranking: If your post has been around 6 months or more and has no or low ranking.

3. Topic: Maybe the topic is old or no longer relevant.


Determine Whether or Not To Delete Or Improve?

Is there traffic to the Post?

Does the post rank in the search engines? How far down the list?

How old is the post? 6 months or older?


Use your instincts. There is no right or wrong choice on deleting or improving an article.


Factors to Consider When Improving Old Content

You’ve learned new skills. Having an online business means constantly improving. Put those new skills to use in your old posts!

You have writer’s block! Sometimes revamping an old post will get new ideas flowing. Plus, it gives something new for your visitors.

Benefits of Rewriting Your Old Content

Higher Rankings in Search Engines

The biggest benefit of rewriting your old content is that you might be able to rank higher in the search engines. Google loves fresh content, so when you update your old blogs with relevant changes, Google rank you higher in the search engine.

New content gets higher click through rate

No one like to read outdated information. We all want to read latest updates. So don’t let your website go unchanged and stay outdated.

Update your keywords and tweak your meta title and description, it  will increase your click through rate.

More Visibility and Attract New Audience

After rewriting your old blog post, you get to share it with the public all over again. Blast it out to your social media.


Final Notes

Remember: There is more than just one type of content you can use.

Content creation is a huge industry and is not limited to only writing articles.

Blogging is just one format of content.

Use your old blog posts to create new content in other forms.

For Example:

  • Video Content like YouTube and/or Tik Tok videos (There are other platforms out there too)
  • PDF’s
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts
  • E-books

So, take your old posts and convert them into new pieces of content by making a YouTube video, or heck, make a infographic or PDF too!

(You can also reverse the process and take an old YouTube video and create a blog post from it.)


Rewriting your old content is an excellent way to increase rankings and get eyeballs back on your site.

Increase Rankings


Be transparent and add a little note at the bottom or top stating that this post was originally published on **insert date** and that it has been updated. Then republish it and share it socially. Send it out in a newsletter and/or email blast.

And last, don’t forget to submit it to Google to recrawl!


Questions? Comments? Suggestion? Leave a reply below.


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