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How To Exclude Myself From Google Analytics (Picture Guide)

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Step 1:

Find the IP address you want to block by typing in to google: ”What is my ip address”.

Step 2:

Login in to your Google Analytics account.

Locate the Admin Tab in the left menu bar. It is the bottom option in Google Analytics. We will be using our new google analytics account for this tutorial.


Step 3:

Select “All Filters” in the Account category.


(As you can see, we have already excluded our ip address as it shows under the “All Filters category.)


Step 4:

Click on “Add Filter”


Step 5:

Name your filter. We choose “My IP Address”.

Make sure you leave the filter type as “Predefined”

Select “Exclude”.

Select “traffic from the IP addresses”

Select “that are equal to”


Enter your IP address

Scroll down and click “Save”.

Congratulations! You have just excluded your IP address!

Note: Completing this step will not change the old history but it will be changed going forward.

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