How To Create, Market, And Sell An eBook & FAQ’s

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Ever wanted to create an eBook? In this step by step quick guide we will teach you how to create, market, and sell an eBook. Creating an eBook is really very simple and once you get started you may never stop! We want to clarify and simplify the process for you so that is why we created this guide. Let’s get started!

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What is an eBook?

An eBook is an electronic book meaning that it is only viewable on digital platform like a computer, laptop, tablet, etc. They are downloadable, linkable, and printable. They can be used as lead magnets or be sold on the open market (like the Amazon KDP platform).

Why Should You Create An eBook?

There are many reasons to create an eBook. Our favorite way is as a lead magnet to get subscribers to an email list. This method can also be used on social media to gain followers or likes.

How To Create, Market, And Sell An eBook: For Profit Image

2. For profit.

How To Create, Market, And Sell An eBook: Knowledge Image

3. To Share Your Knowledge And Experience

How To Create, Market, And Sell An eBook:To Entertain

4. To Entertain

5. To Inform

eBook File Formats


Guide On How To Create An eBook

Brainstorm And Come Up With A Topic

Perhaps the most important part of creating an eBook is having a topic or topics to write about. What knowledge do you want to share? What is it you want to impart to your readers? What are people interested in?

Advice: Read something similar to the kind of book you want to write to get feel for what you are wanting to achieve. Use your own voice. Don’t try to copy anyone else’s work.

Create an Outline Of Your eBook

Why create an outline? It helps to get ideas following and it helps you put things in a logical order.

Take your ideas and flesh them out. Detail every chapter of your eBook with headlines, sub headlines, and talking points. Give background information. Make sure to tie everything back to your main topic.

Break Down Each Chapter

Now that you have your outline you want to start developing your ideas. Expand on your topics.
Create a Rough Draft. You don’t have to be thorough you just need to get your first words out.

Intro And Conclusion

With your rough draft completed it is now time to write the introduction and then the conclusion. The introduction introduces the main point of your book and hooks the readers interest. The conclusion summarizes everything the reader has read and concludes the book.

Edit And Proofread

Do not forget to have someone else proofread the document.  Sometimes a second set of eyes will pick something up that one may overlook. There are programs such as Grammarly and Microsoft Word that will help you edit as you write or you can pay someone to edit the book for you.

Design The Cover

You Have two options when it comes to designing your book cover. Pay someone to design one or create one yourself.    

If Design is not your thing you can pay to have your cover created using services like Fiverr for as low as $5.00 USD. Remember though you get what you pay for.           

If you are on a limited budget, or the idea of designing your own cover interests you there are free programs like Inkscape and Canva that can help you out. Canva has a free part and a paid program (Called Canva Pro) that we highly recommend.

Launch And Promote Your eBook

Launch your book on your own site and/or on self-publishing platforms (like Amazon KDP). Then announce the release of the book through email, blogging, and social media.

If you have chosen to give the book away as a lead magnet, then it is time to set up the funnel so that people will sign up to your email list in order to receive their copy of the book. Usually this requires a sign up form, an autoresponder, and download page.

Sell Your eBook

Do your research and find a platform to sell your book. 

For beginners, we highly recommend Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). On the KDP platform you can publish a hardcover book, paperback book, and an eBook. Amazon has a built in audience so this is an ideal environment for your book.


How Much Money Can You Make Selling An eBook?

There are so many factors that go in to selling a book that it is impossible to say how much you will make. You have the potential to make nothing or thousands of dollars. It is important that you set up your book properly with the right keywords, categories, and description. Then you will need to market your book to the right audience. All of this takes time so don’t expect to make thousands overnight. 

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How Much Does It Cost To Create An eBook?

An eBook can be created for free because there are many free software and programs available. Paying for software, cover designs, editing, etcetera, is really up to you, the author.

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How Many Pages Should An eBook Be?

This is another question where the answer is “it depends”. There is no actual minimum or maximum. Most printed books are 25 or more pages. eBooks can have as few as 3 pages depending on the author and subject matter.

What Software Do You Need To Write An eBook?

You really only need writing software like Microsoft Word. You could also use Power Point, Google Docs, or Grammarly. You will also have to have a cover for the book as well, but this can be done in a variety of free programs such as the ones listed above and free graphic design software’s like Canva and Inkscape.

How Do I Turn A PDF Into An eBook?

In some cases, a PDF file is the final eBook, so it just depends on where and how you are publishing your book.

However, you can convert the PDF format to other publishing formats like EPUB or MOBI.

In the case of Amazon KDP, you upload the manuscript as a PDF and they convert the book for you.

If you want to learn more about the format options read 6 Ways to Format an eBook for Publishing

Can You Make An eBook For Free?

Yes, all an eBook really requires is you. Your time, knowledge, research, sweat, and in some cases, tears. There are many free programs that you can utilize for writing and designing. Both software types are listed in this post.

What Is An eBook Reader?

Also known as an e-book reader or an e-book device. It is an electronic device that is designed expressly for the purpose of reading digital content. (Example: Amazon’s Kindle)


Getting your writing out in the world has never been easier than it is today with all the free software and programs at your disposal. Whether writing a novel or tech manual, you can make a professional quality eBook equal or greater than what is currently on the market.

You can create a short book or a long one, give it away, or sell it. The choices and possibilities are endless.

Make sure that whatever type of book you want to create has a market already as this will save you time in the long run. The best piece of advice we can give is to do your research before you begin to create your book!

Do you have any questions about creating, marketing, or selling an eBook? Leave a comment below.

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  1. I’ve published a few books on Amazon and Amazon KDP is indeed great for beginners, very userfriendly, and they have good support. Editing and proofreading are very important. I also use betareaders to see what I can improve in the story.
    Great tips, very well explained!

  2. Hi Brianna and Tom, great article and I have the impression you’ve covered all the basics. As a retired graphic designer, I especially like your remark about the design of the cover, that one gets the value one’s paying for. 🙂

    To publish for the Kindle is not very hard as Amazon takes a lot out of the author’s hands, but do you know if there is a similar way for ePubs? I made a few eBooks in the past and always found the ePub format very laborious.

  3. I love the FAQ section because you included the frequent-asked questions people like to know, which helps. I recently created my first ebook, and it’s a pity that I didn’t find your article to organize my writing. Otherwise, I won’t spend much time figuring everything out by myself. 🙂

  4. I wrote my first and only book about 6 years ago. My dream was to have it printed and visible in the bookstores. However, I gave up after being rejected by 30+ publishers.

    Now, I think it’s time I brushed off the cobwebs and maybe looked deeper into promoting it as an ebook. The hard work is already done, so why not use it as a lead magnet to collect email addresses on my website?

    Thanks for the ideas 🙂

  5. Writing an e-book is now easier than ever.

    It’s great because you get to skip the expensive and long steps of printing, distributing your book across bookstores, publishing houses and even countries just to hopefully get your work into the hands of the readers.

    Man, such a relief!

    Quick question, say one writes an e-book in English language, and a few readers are interested in having it in another language, is there a translation service on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, or one would need to create a new digital book?

    I like that this guide is detailed and straight to the point. Thank you for providing helpful information about what eBook writer has to do.


  6. Nice and well laid out article about eBook creation and publication. eBooks remove the cumbersome print-publish-and-distribute steps that many new entrants into the publishing world find offputting since their distibution mechanisms are much easier and simpler.

    I loved the FAQs section. I was very interested in learning about the kind of income to be made from monetizing e-books.Useful to know!


  7. The amazing thing is that once this content is written and out there it is pretty much out there for life and it can continue to generate you money over and over again. As you mentioned, there is not much cost involved either as fantastic free resources like Canva can be used in the process.

    I think a lot of people will find this information valuable realising that it is a lot easier than many may think to get their Ebook published and start generating real tangible income from it. Thanks so much for sharing!

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