How To Create Graphics For Pinterest Using Canva

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Even though Canva is ditching some of its affiliates, it is still a wonderful design program that does not deserve to be overlooked. It is a graphics workhorse and almost essential for the solo entrepreneur. Of course Canva is great for companies too!

This particular article is specifically about creating Pinterest pins in Canva. Stay tuned to the end for additional pinning tips to help you create your pins.

Without further ado, How To Create Graphics For Pinterest Using Canva.

Sign Up For Canva Free

The very first thing you need to do is sign up for a Canva account following the directions below.

How To Create Graphics For Pinterest Using Canva 2

Sign Up with Canva using your Google Account, Facebook Account, or an email address. I recommend using your business email or business Facebook because you can save your pins for your business in one account.

BUT, if you have several sites or plan to have several sites and you don’t want to have different accounts for each business, and/or you are going to pay for Pro, then sign up with either a personal email address or google, or Facebook. This way you only pay for Pro on one account.

Note: Doing it this way will save you from paying for multiple accounts. However, this means graphics from all sites will be on one account and might be slightly confusing if you need to find a specific graphic.

Edit 7/19/2023

Initially there were 3 ways to sign in to Pinterest. There are now many optional ways to login to Canva.

Canva Login Options: How To Create Graphics For Pinterest Using Canva 16

Follow The Sign Up Directions on Canva. It will be slightly different for each method. For this tutorial I will be showing how to sign up with an email address.

Email Sign Up Form Example

How To Create Graphics For Pinterest Using Canva 4

How To Create Graphics For Pinterest Using Canva

Now that you are signed in to you account, Click “Create a design

How To Create Graphics For Pinterest Using Canva 4

A dropdown box will appear. Type in Pinterest Pin

Click On Pinterest Pin in the dropbox.

How To Create Graphics For Pinterest Using Canva 5

Pin Editor

How To Create Graphics For Pinterest Using Canva 6

For these next examples, I will be creating a pin for this post.

Now you will need to decide if you want to use a template or design a pin from scratch. For the purposes of this tutorial I will create one from scratch.

Adding Text

The first thing I like to do is create the text. I do this step first so I can plan the layout of the pin around the words I intend to use (if words are needed, if not skip to the next step)

Click “TEXT” on the left side menu. It’s the 5th icon down.

How To Create Graphics For Pinterest Using Canva 7

You can simply choose to add a heading or you can use the predesigned text. I am choosing a predesigned text because it is one I use often.

If you are adding a heading drag and pull to the pin canvas and rearrange to the position that suits you. Don’t worry as this all be changed.

Once you have made your choice, click on the example, and a text box will formulate on the pin canvas.

At this point you can add your text. Double click in the text box to change the text.

Drag and pull to resize.

How To Create Graphics For Pinterest Using Canva 8

I don’t typically resize anything at this point. The goal for me is just to see the text on the layout. This gives me some idea of what I am working with text wise.

I am going to resize and move this text because there are alot of words and it looks weird.

How To Create Graphics For Pinterest Using Canva 9
How To Create Graphics For Pinterest Using Canva 10

I could have kept it the other way and moved the text the side but for this pin I want the text at the top.

Adding Images

Now you need to decide what image you are going to use. If you already have an image file you will need to upload it to Canva.

How To Create Graphics For Pinterest Using Canva 11

Otherwise choose Photos, Elements, or Backgrounds.

For this pin I am choosing “Photos”.

I type “graphics” in to the search bar.

It brings up graphs. Not what I wanted. So I try “Graphic Design”. Aha! The results are much better.

How To Create Graphics For Pinterest Using Canva 12

Now Choose a Photo from the menu. Click on an image and it will populate in the pin editor.

How To Create Graphics For Pinterest Using Canva 13

And there you have it, the basics of your pin.

Note: You can right click on the image and choose “set as back ground” so that the image will fill the entire pin.

Now I am not going to leave it this way. Right now the Pin is boring so I am going to add some “Elements” to the pin.

Adding Elements

Click on “Elements” in the menu. I am going to add a shape. I added a square shape and resized to fit my text. Then I right clicked on the square and choose the option to “send to back” so that the shape would be behind the text.

How To Create Graphics For Pinterest Using Canva 14

It looks better, but it is still not done. I am going to add a few more elements.

Hopefully, by now you are starting to get the hang of this! Keep playing with the editor until you get the desired result!

How To Create Graphics For Pinterest Using Canva 15

Add Your Brand

Don’t forget to add your brand to the pin. This could be a logo, a website address, brand colors etc. This does two things.

1. It creates consistency within your pins that make your pins more recognizable and memorable. Plus it just looks more professional.

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2. There have always been people in thew world who try to take advantage of others creativity. On Pinterest, there was a time where some people stole graphics from Pinterest to use either to replicate the pin for their use or just plain stealing them for their websites without permission. The first one was a real problem. To resolve this many creators started adding something brandable like a watermark. In other words make sure you find a way to mark your pin so its easily recognizable as belonging to you and your material.

Resize (Pro Version Only)

Resize the base design (or template design) at any time. This is a very handy feature that only appears when you upgrade to the Pro version. It has saved me a lot of time. Its not necessary but definitely a convenience I personally enjoy.

Pinterest recommends images 1000 pixels by 1500 pixels

Choose Your Method Of Sharing

Start by clicking the “Share” button on the top right hand side of the Canva menu bar.

You now have a few basic otions.

You can Download The File and Upload to Pinterest directly


Link Your Pinterest Account To Canva and Share with your peeps instantly. If you have the pro version you will also have the ability to schedule the pin for a future specific time and date.

What it looks like when you click the “Share” button

The Process In Review: How To Create A Pinterest Pin

  • SIgn up or Login to Canva
  • Add Text
  • Add Images
  • Add Elements
  • Include Brand/ Logo
  • Resize
  • Download or Connect your Canva account to your Pinterest account.
  • Pin Away!

Further Reading: Constant Contact has an article titled “How to Get Your Pins Seen on Pinterest” that you might want to check out because it will help up your pinning game!

Pinning Tips

Here are some Pinterest pinning tips to help you create engaging and successful pins:

  1. Vertical Pin Format: Pinterest favors vertical pins because they take up more space in users’ feeds and are more likely to catch their attention. The recommended aspect ratio is 2:3 or 1:2.8, with a minimum width of 600 pixels.
  2. Eye-Catching Images: Use high-quality and visually appealing images that relate to your content. Bright and vibrant visuals tend to perform well on Pinterest.
  3. Title and Description: Craft compelling titles and descriptions for your pins. Use keywords and phrases relevant to your content to improve discoverability through search.
  4. Call-to-Action (CTA): Include a clear and actionable CTA in your pin description. Encourage users to click through to your website, blog post, or product page.
  5. Rich Pins: Consider enabling rich pins for your website. Rich pins automatically pull metadata from your site, providing users with more information about your content, such as article headlines, product details, and recipe ingredients.
  6. Pin Size and Quality: Optimize your pins for the best quality and ensure they load quickly. Larger file sizes may slow down the user experience.
  7. Pinterest SEO: Utilize relevant keywords in your pin titles, descriptions, and board names. This will help your pins appear in search results and increase their visibility.
  8. Pin Consistently: Regularly pin new content to keep your profile active and engaging. Consider using a scheduling tool to distribute pins evenly throughout the day.
  9. Group Boards: Participate in group boards relevant to your niche. They can expose your pins to a wider audience and increase engagement.
  10. Pin at Peak Times: Schedule your pins to go live during peak Pinterest usage times. This varies depending on your target audience, so analyze your Pinterest analytics for insights.
  11. Create Multiple Pins for the Same Content: Experiment with different pin designs for the same blog post or product. This increases the chances of reaching different audiences.
  12. Analyze Pinterest Analytics: Regularly review your Pinterest analytics to understand which pins are performing well. Use this data to refine your pinning strategy.
  13. Stay on Trend: Keep an eye on Pinterest trends and create content that aligns with popular topics. Trending content is more likely to be discovered by users.

Remember, Pinterest is a visually oriented platform, so investing time and effort into creating captivating pins can significantly boost your engagement and website traffic. Be creative, try different approaches, and learn from your analytics to refine your pinning strategy over time.


Once you get the basics down Canva and Pinterest become easier and easier to handle. We hope you enjoyed this post on How To Create Graphics For Pinterest Using Canva. If you want more of this type of content or you have any comments or questions, please leave a comment below.

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  1. I use Canva for all my graphics, however, I don’t create enough content for Pinterest. I don’t know why, but I thought it is time-consuming. It looks like I was wrong. Your guide here really paints the picture how easy and simple it is to create eye-catching pins for Pinterest with canvas. Thanks for sharing this! Cheers!

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