How To Create A Pin On Pinterest

How To Create A Pin On Pinterest (Picture Guide)

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Hi all! Welcome to the revamped page on How To Create A Pin On Pinterest. This article is shows you how to upload your pins to Pinterest. If you are looking to create Pins from scratch, I have a separate article that breaks the process down in to steps.

There have been a few changes since I originally put this article together and I wanted to give it a refresh (Edit July 20. 2023). Pinterest and Canva are incredible tools to have in your marketing toolbox.

What is Pinterest?

It is basally a visual search engine that can be accessed through the Pinterest mobile app or on any computer. What makes it unique is that users of Pinterest can save information from any where on the web or directly from Pinterest to their personal dashboard. Should the user let other people follow them or their boards, the pin will then have higher visibility within Pinterest as other users are made aware.

Over time, this can lead to higher pin engagement.

10 Reasons Why You Should Create Pins To Market Your Blog

Benefits of Creating Pins to Market Your Blog on Pinterest
1. Increased Website Traffic
– Direct links from pins to your blog attract more visitors.
2. Expanding Your Audience
– Access to Pinterest’s large user base of 450+ million active users.
3. Improved Search Visibility
– Pins optimized with keywords appear in Pinterest search results.
4. Long-Term Traffic
– Well-optimized pins can drive traffic for extended periods.
5. Brand Exposure
– Pins with branding elements enhance brand visibility.
6. Improved SEO
– Pinterest links act as backlinks, contributing to SEO.
7. Repinnable Content
– Engaging pins may be repinned by others, further increasing exposure.
8. Opportunity for Virality
– Shareable pins have the potential to go viral.
9. Targeted Niche Audience
– Pinterest users often search for specific topics.
10. Analytics and Insights
– Pinterest analytics offer valuable data for content strategy and marketing.

Before Getting Started

To create a pin on Pinterest you will need 4 things.

1. Pin-able Content: This includes Pictures/Images/Graphics, Products, or Blogs.

You can create pins for most web pages, but for the purpose of this tutorial, we are going to assume that you are creating pins to market your blog on Pinterest.

Our suggestion is to use Canva to create, submit, and schedule your pins.

**Canva has interest templates ready to go. You can choose the blank template to create your own design or choose from hundreds of premade templates.**

2. Images, Graphics, Infolinks, or Short Video(s). We touched on this subject in the previous section but you will need one of the above to showcase your pins. Pinterest is a search engine, but it is a visual search engine.

And Again these can be from graphics already on your site or you can create them on Canva (or similar programs).

3. URL Link to Content. You will need the URL or address of the webpage or product. When the pin is submitted you will need the URL to make the pin clickable and linked to your site.

4. A Description: If you are good at meta descriptions you can use the same one. You can also create one specifically for your pin. Another option is to use a paragraph from the intro of your content. Include your keyword or keywords but do it naturally.

Create A Pin On Pinterest

I will be using a real, live, example that I am creating for another other website.

First, sign in to your Pinterest account.

Click “Create” on the upper left-hand side. (See the Image below.)

Create A Pin On Pinterest 2

Then click “Create Pin or product pin” in the dropdown menu.

Create A Pin On Pinterest 3

A new window will appear. This is where you start putting the pin together.

Here is a view of the Pin Form

Create A Pin On Pinterest 4

Add All Relevant Information

1. Add Your Title: Make sure to have your keyword in the title. Pinterest is a search engine that uses keywords to rank pins so this is an important step.

2. Add Description:

3. Add The URL Link: (Add A Destination Link Section located at the bottom of the form). This is the URL (The blog/post/article address) where you want the pin to link to when clicked.

4. Use The “Plus” Sign To Add your image or video.

Create A Pin On Pinterest 5

This is what it should look like when the form is completely filled out.

Create A Pin On Pinterest 6

Before you publish you will need to choose a relevant board or create a new board for your content.

Use the dropdown menu to choose a board for your pin.

Then click “Publish” on the right-hand side of the form!

Create A Pin On Pinterest 7

And viola! You just created a pin!

Good Job! Give yourself a pat on the back!

Finally, you will get one more popup showing the final pin and a message stating that you did in fact create a pin for your account.

Create A Pin On Pinterest 8

Pinning Tips

Now that you know how to upload your designs to Pinterest I thought I would give you some further pinning tips. Following these steps will take your pinning to the next level.

Tip 1: Name your boards something recognizable if you want it to be found in Pinterest search. “I Love Making Money Online” or “I Heart Money” is not as recognizable as just “Make Money Online”. The first example at least has the keyword the second will never be found because nobody is searching for that keyword.

Tip 2: Just like you optimize your site for SEO you should optimize your pins, profile, description, and boards. Make sure you add your keyword throughout the pin.

Tip 3: Make sure the description and title are natural, readable, and comprehensible. No keyword stuffing.

Tip 4: Pin every day. Once a week is not going to cut it. Having a pinning strategy is very important. Invest in a pin scheduler if you don’t have the time to do this manually everyday. You can do it all at once with a scheduler and then let it publish the content throughout the week or weeks depending on how far ahead you want to get. We recommend using Canva Pro or Tailwind. If you are already using Canva then utilize this feature.

Tip 5: Create Multiple Pins of the same article. Don’t publish them all at once as Pinterest considers that spam, but sprinkle them over several weeks. Put them in different boards or group boards.

Tip 6: Join group boards for your niche if you can. This maximizes your pin exposure.

Can you think of any more pinning tips? Leave a comment below!


Follow the steps above to create a pin. Rinse and repeat to add even more pins. Pinning is very easy to do and once you do it a couple of times you will be an expert!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need help with Pinterest. You can leave a comment below or send us an email at

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  1. Simple and plain. Thanks for sharing how to post pins on Pinterest. I’m a member of a training platform where they teach how to get traffic from Pinterest (amount many other platforms) and I always liked the idea. It all starts with a great site and content. And your guide here helps a lot to post pins without a mistake. Do hashtags help to get more exposure?

    1. Hashtags do help with exposure in the beginning. Basically using hashtags is good for new pins because Pinterest will show them in the new pins search results, but long term they don’t really do any good. SEO is the best for long term. So a combination of the two is the best way to go. I would not use more than 3 – 5 hashtags.

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