How Many Categories Can I Choose For My Book On Amazon KDP? Pin

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  1. I believe that Amazon is an amazing place not only because you get to buy so much cool stuff at a great price but the setup, of how you can make a good living through their affiliate programs, selling your own books, etc…
    I have heard so many success stories when using amazon. Thanks again so much for and informative.

  2. This is a great help for listing books on Amazon. I have been considering it for awhile, but the complex set up has me a bit confused. This helps a lot to clarify the KDP Categories. Anything that I would eventually publish, would be a paperback book, so this is perfect. It helps me a lot! Thank you

  3. Wow, you gave us here, pretty in-depth manual on KDP with Amazon. Great to know there are more categories we can choose from. I haven’t started doing it yet, but I really think it can be the right option for me. I am still focusing on Affiliate Marketing mostly. Could you compare it and what would you recommend is better way to earn money online? AM or KDP?

    1. They are both so different it would be difficult to choose one over the other. Neither is one is easier than the other.
      If you have time do both! You could always write a book about Affiliate marketing. Possibilities are endless! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Thanks for this excellent visual guide for choosing categories for books on Amazon KDP. The step-by-step foramt is really helpful and very easy to follow.

    It is good to know that one can select a total of 10 categories – 2 on the form and 8 mailed in. Wonder why they do that though and not have all 10 filled in on the form? This would be a lot simpler.

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