How Important Are Bullet Points In SEO?
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How Important Are Bullet Points In SEO?

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How Important Are Bullet Points In SEO?

How important lists are to SEO is a matter of debate because there are hundreds of ranking factors. But if you are using bullet point lists to enhance the user’s experience then in effect that is important for SEO. Lists also let you use keywords and that too is good for SEO.

Another important method for lists is that they can help drive traffic to your blog by way of Rich Snippets. Rich snippets are often shown in lists. Google can condense your content into short, easy-to-read, bite-sized content so making a list makes it easier for Google to read. In short, lists make it easier to obtain the rich snippet spot.

What Are Bullet Points?

A bullet point is a symbol, usually represented by a circle, that is used to introduce items in a list. There are many different symbols and characters that can be used in bullet point lists like numbers, letters, stars, etc.

Note: Bullet Points can also be used to create your own manual table of contents using anchor text. (As in no plugin required)

When Should You Not Use Bullet Points?

If you have more than 10 ideas in a list it is better to use numbers instead of bullet points.

Don’t use bullet points for detailed outlines in your content. It ends up looking like a confusing mess instead of being organized.

When Should You Use A Bulleted List?

Use a bulleted list when trying to show items in a nonspecific order and when trying to highlight key points in the text. Use bullet points to organize thoughts and ideas.

Are Bullet Points Good On A Website?

Yes bullet points can be good on a website because they show important information. They also help you arrange thoughts in an effective organized way.

Does Google Like Bullet Points?

While there is no official stance on bullet points by Google we can assume they like them to some extent because Google picks up bullet point answers for rich snippet use. 

Bullet points are also very user-friendly which helps make content easily readable and

makes for a better overall user experience which is good for SEO.

What Is The Keyboard Shortcut For Bullet Points?

A keyboard shortcut to create bullet points is:  * (asterisk), and then press Spacebar or the Tab key. This should work on most devices,

Other Reasons To Make Lists 

  • Lists are skimmable, digestible, and easy to read
  • Bullet Points Can Make Your Website More User Friendly
  • Important Points Within A List Are Easier To Identify.
  • Helps Promote Productivity
  • Gets Your Point Across 

*Brie absolutely loves lists and you can see that throughout this website’s articles.

How To Create Bulleted Lists In Microsoft Word


Bullet points are an effective tool for a number of reasons and can help with SEO. They are not a ranking factor, but they do help with user experience which contributes to SEO. 

Bullet points are useful for pointing out key information or creating mini headlines. They can also act as portals to content on the page using anchor text. So use them where you can and when appropriate for the situation.

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