How Do You Maintain Your Motivation To Keep Blogging?

How Do You Maintain Your Motivation To Keep Blogging?

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How Do You Maintain Your Motivation To Keep Blogging?

  • Money
  • Our “Why”
  • Audience Feedback
  • Online Communities
  • Understanding Your Niche: The problems, complaints, information, solutions. Understanding your niche will help keep the well full as it will be easier to pick subjects to write about when you already know what you should write about.
  • Keeping up with Trends can be an exciting way to stay motivated. Sometimes talking about the latest and greatest toy/program/product can keep you going if the subject matter is something you are already passionate about.


Let’s face it the one thing that we need to live is money. It is what makes living day to day even a possibility. We never seem to have enough so when you find it you hold on! So it is safe to say a big reason to keep going is financial. On a basic level blogging can pay the bills but because there is no income cap the potential to make more than that is sky high. Whether you are making money now from your blog or not the goal is to make a profit.

It is easier to keep going when you see the rewards. In the beginning, this is much tougher but hopefully, it will motivate you too.

However, we should mention that money can’t be the only reason you want to blog. It is a great reason but when you are not making money yet it can also be demotivating and that is what we want to avoid.

Our “Why”

What is your “why”? Why do you want to get into blogging? Why are you blogging?

Your why can be the biggest if not second biggest reason for motivation.

Our why is our family. We got in to blogging as a way to make income for our family and to have more time to spend with family doing the things we want to do. The kind of things that create lasting memories. Like going to Disney World or camping across America in an RV. Whatever it is you have on your bucket list.

We also have other reasons like 

  • Not punching a clock
  • No Boss
  • No specific workday hours. We can do this when we want
  • No commute.
  • No specific location is necessary. We can do this where we want and have wifi access.

This is quite alot to keep us going but we can give you more reasons.

Positive Audience Feedback

Finally getting feedback from your audience is a wonderful feeling. Especially if they engage and connect with your content. It can be a wonderful motivator to know that your hard work has paid off and that people genuinely respond to your work. 

Other ways to tell if your content is having an impact

  1. Your analytics can tell you where, when, and what content is driving people to certain pages/ posts on your site. It will also tell you where that traffic is coming from.
  2. If people share your content on social media that is a really good indication.
  3. People signing up for your email list. Pretty glaring sign people want to hear more from you if they are willing to give out their contact information.

Online Communities

Having a community of people that has your back is one advantage we have by being members of Wealthy Affiliate. This community cheers you on, inspires you, and motivates you, to keep going. Without them, we most certainly would have quit by now. 

Blogging Motivation Tips

  1. Pick a topic you are passionate about so that there is a lot for you to talk about. When you are excited about something you really want to talk about it with other people. It helps keep you motivated if you are simply sharing your perspective VS trying to sell something.
  2. Make sure you are helping people in your niche. When you help someone it can bring in such joy. (For both the reader and the writer.) Knowing that you are genuinely helping people with their problems is a definite motivator. Informative articles also bring traffic to your site. If people start to get to know you and then trust you they will eventually make a purchase from you. So it is a win-win situation.
  3. Celebrate the small wins!! Just about any move you make that pushes your business further is a win!
  4. Find a mentor or group that inspires and motivates you! We cannot stress how important this was and is to our success. There will be times you want to give up and having a group of like-minded individuals who can guide you through these moments is key to success.
  5. Don’t punish yourself. So what if you can’t post every day? Most of us can’t either! So your article is not the right length. No one is perfect! 
  6. Take A Break! It is ok! We all need one. Sometimes Brie takes a break every five minutes. Whatever it takes to get the brain to work and fire on all cylinders. Sometimes longer breaks are needed. Just make sure you don’t quit in the meantime.

How to Start a Blog in 2022 | By Sophia Lee


It can be hard to stay motivated when you are a blogger but these suggestions should help. Your “why” should be your biggest motivator but there are some days when even that is not enough. So take breaks when, where, and if necessary. 

Remember if you need a hand we are here to help so email us, leave a reply below, or join us at Wealthy Affiliate!

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