How To Create A Pin On Pinterest (Picture Guide)

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To create a pin you will need

1. Engaging and Valuable Content on your website

2. Images, Graphics, Infolink, or Short Video

3. URL Link to Content

4. A Description

I will be using a real example. This will be a pin for my other site

Sign in to your account.

Click “Create” on the uppr left hand side



Then click “Create Pin or product pin” in the dropdown menu.



Here is a view of the Pin Form



Add All Relevant information

1. Add Your Title

2, Add your description

3. Add your URL Link

4. Add your image or video.



This is what it should look like when the form is completely filled out.



Choose the relevant board or create a new board.

Click “Publish” on the right hand side of the form!.



You created a Pin!


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2 thoughts on “How To Create A Pin On Pinterest (Picture Guide)”

  1. Simple and plain. Thanks for sharing how to post pins on Pinterest. I’m a member of a training platform where they teach how to get traffic from Pinterest (amount many other platforms) and I always liked the idea. It all starts with a great site and content. And your guide here helps a lot to post pins without a mistake. Do hashtags help to get more exposure?

    • Hashtags do help with exposure in the beginning. Basically using hashtags is good for new pins because Pinterest will show them in the new pins search results, but long term they don’t really do any good. SEO is the best for long term. So a combination of the two is the best way to go. I would not use more than 3 – 5 hashtags.


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