Does KDP Allow Low Content Books?

Does KDP Allow Low Content Books?

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Welcome, fellow book enthusiasts and aspiring authors! If you’ve ever wondered whether Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) opens its digital doors to the realm of low content books, you’re in the right place.. We’ll answer the burning question: “Does KDP Allow Low Content Books?”

Does KDP Allow Low Content Books?

Does KDP allow low content books?

Yes, KDP allows low content books on their platform and in fact, Low and No Content Books are high sellers on Amazon. Keep in mind that you still have to obey their Terms Of Service and Metadata Rules.

Note: I also wanted to mention that no page can be totally blank. So even for a sketchbook there must be borders on the page.

Low content books typically include items like journals, notebooks, coloring books, and similar publications with minimal text content. These types of books are often popular for self-publishers, especially on platforms like Amazon.

However, it’s essential to follow KDP’s content guidelines and terms of service when publishing any material. Guidelines and policies can change over time, so I recommend visiting the official KDP website and reviewing their current policies and guidelines to ensure that your low content book complies with their requirements.

Keep in mind that while low content books are allowed, they still need to meet certain quality standards, and you should ensure that your content doesn’t infringe on any copyrights or trademarks. Additionally, the market for low content books can be competitive, so it’s essential to create attractive and well-designed products to stand out.

What Content Is Not Allowed On KDP?

When it comes to Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), there are some clear guidelines on what content is not allowed. Amazon takes content quality and policy adherence seriously. Prohibited content includes:

  1. Illegal or Infringing Content: This includes pirated materials, copyrighted content you don’t have permission to use, and any material that promotes illegal activities.
  2. Offensive Content: Content that promotes hate speech, violence, or discrimination based on factors like race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation is strictly prohibited.
  3. Adult Content: While KDP does allow some adult content, it must adhere to their specific guidelines, and it should be properly categorized as such.
  4. Poorly Formatted or Unreadable Content: Content that is extremely poorly formatted or difficult to read may not be accepted.
  5. Public Domain and User-Generated Content: While public domain content is generally allowed, it’s important to ensure that you have the rights to the specific edition you’re publishing. User-generated content should also comply with copyright and other laws.

Remember, adhering to KDP’s content guidelines is crucial to a successful publishing experience.

Is It Worth It To Sell Low Content Books On Amazon?

he worth of selling low content books on Amazon depends on your goals and strategy. Low content books, such as journals, coloring books, and notebooks, can be profitable if you target the right audience and create high-quality, visually appealing products.


  • Low Entry Barrier: You don’t need to be a seasoned writer to create low content books.
  • Passive Income: Once published, these books can provide a steady stream of passive income.
  • Amazon’s Reach: Amazon’s vast customer base can help you reach a broad audience.


  • Competition: The market can be competitive, so standing out is essential.
  • Design Skills: High-quality designs are crucial, which may require design skills or hiring a designer.
  • Marketing: Effective marketing is key to success.

Success in this niche often involves niche research, effective marketing, and maintaining high-quality standards in terms of content and design.

What Is The Lowest Amount Of Pages For KDP?

Minimum Page Count for Print: If you’re publishing a physical paperback through KDP Print, a book should generally have a minimum of 24 pages to be eligible for printing. This ensures that the spine of the book can be properly labeled.

Ebooks: For Kindle ebooks, there isn’t a specific minimum page count. An ebook can be as short as a single page or even a few paragraphs.

Create a KDP Journal Book Cover and Interior to Publish on Amazon – Canva Tutorial


  • Content Guidelines: KDP strictly prohibits illegal, offensive, and poorly formatted content. For instance, uploading a pirated copy of a best-selling novel or a book promoting hate speech would violate their policies.
  • Low Content Book Potential: Selling low content books on Amazon can be profitable if done right. Think of it as setting up an online shop for beautifully designed journals or coloring books. The better your products, the more likely you are to succeed.
  • Pros and Cons: Like any business venture, selling low content books has its pros (low entry barrier, passive income) and cons (competition, need for design and marketing skills). Consider these factors when deciding if it’s worth your time.
  • Minimum Page Count: While there’s no strict minimum for Kindle ebooks, think of it like this: your ebook can be as short as a single recipe in a cookbook. For physical paperbacks, aim for at least 24 pages, which is about the length of a children’s picture book.
  • Stay Updated: Amazon’s policies can change, so always check their latest guidelines before publishing. Just as you’d research current fashion trends before designing clothing, stay informed about the latest KDP requirements to succeed in self-publishing.

In conclusion, understanding KDP’s guidelines and the potential of low content books can boost your self-publishing journey, just like knowing the latest fashion trends can help a clothing designer succeed.

Ready to embark on your publishing adventure? What low content book idea are you excited to bring to life today?

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