Creative Fabrica Review (And Frequently Asked Questions)

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What Is Creative Fabrica?  

Creative Fabrica is an online graphics platform where you pay for access to premade templates, clip art, vector graphics, patterns, backgrounds, quotes, fonts, etc.

All kinds of graphics in all formats.

You can treat it like a store and buy products individually, or you can opt for the “All Access” monthly pass.

There is a freebies section which is well worth the time to look at.

Created and housed in Asterdam.

Is Creative Fabrica Free?

No. There is a “Freebies” section on Creative Fabrica that is quite extensive and free.

Then there is the rest of Creative Fabrica that is paid. You can pay for each item individually OR pay for the monthly fee to get all access and I mean ALL ACCESS to everything. It is pretty affordable at $19.99 a month.

Right now, they are running a special where you can join Creative Fabrica for $1.00 dollar for your first month. It has been so worth it. You can get a lot done in a month!

How Do You Use Creative Fabrica?

Use it to make and create anything that requires graphics. They have vector graphics, clip art, fonts, patterns, quilting patterns, knitting patterns, crochet, cross stitching etc. They house so many graphics it can be a bit overwhelming at first.

Take a look at each product description as they can come in all formats including PDF, PNG, JPG, SVG, EPS, AI, etc

You can use it for premade book interiors, book covers, print on demand, coloring books, sewing, digital scrapbooking and whatever else your imagination can come up with!

Is Creative Fabrica For Commercial Use?

All graphic files come with a commercial license.

Is There A Download Limit On Creative Fabrica?

No, you can download as much as you have room for and we recommend getting some external drives to hold all the data.

Can I Use Creative Fabrica For Print On Demand?

Absolutely! You can use the graphics from Creative Fabrica to make your own designs and there are premade graphics for print on demand as well.

Does Creative Fabrica Have An App?

No, but I am not sure you need to be using your phone with this site anyway. You will be working with manipulating graphics and you will need a full screen and possibly keyboard to do this properly.

Benefits Of The Product

Graphics galore at your fingertips available for download for commercial use. Will easily upload to Canva for seamless and effortless creation of your own unique designs. Very easy to use.

Many tutorials available online and through creative fabrica.

Who Is The Product For?

If you are in need of graphics like clip art, quotes, patterns, backgrounds, kdp interiors, patterns, and fonts, then Creative Fabrica is for you. It is a great place to up your graphics game, skill set, and design skills.

It is also beginner friendly with classes and tutoirals.

How Do I Download Fonts From Creative Fabrica?

To be able to have the ability to download fonts you need to be a Canva Pro member.

Then you can click on “Brand Kit” in the left menu bar of the Canva Home Screen. 

There you will have three options. The last one being “Upload Fonts”. From there it is as easy as uploading the file.

Note: Canva only allows 100 fonts to be added per brand kit setup.

What We Like About Creative Fabrica.

We LOVE that there are endless options for graphics to use especially for commercial use.

What We Don’t Like About Creative Fabrica.

Not everything comes in the format you want it to which can make some images un-editable.



Access To Premade Graphics.

Graphics come in many formats.

Commercial use allowed.

Most Graphics are editable.

Many Formats Available.


Not all graphics are editable. Most are, but it will really depend on your skill level with extra software like Inkscape or adobe illustrator to make everything exactly how you want it. We would not worry about this part as we have only come across a couple of files that we could not use without extra software but it is worth a mention.

Different products have different formats available but you may have to convert your graphic to what ever you need specifically if the file does not come with the format you are looking for.

Final Thoughts

With the $1.00 All Access trial your first month should be a no brainer. Is it not worth $1.00 it to grow your business and update your graphics game?

We have absolutely loved our trial month at Creative Fabrica and plan to continue using it for as long as we can afford it!

You will need Canva Pro to be able to have the ability to download fonts.

We have had a 100% positive experience dealing with the Creative Fabrica platform and fully endorse it for anyone with lots of graphics needs.

We consider it an “extra” tool that we use along side Canva for all our design creation needs.  

If you are considering whether you should go with Canva Pro or Creative Fabrica, the answer is Canva Pro. Canva has graphics but it is the actual designing platform that is important. Think of Creative Fabrica as an “add on” that gives you access to billions of extra images.

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  1. Considering I’m the type of person that loves to play with graphics and design, Creative Fabrica is great for someone like me. Thank you for sharing this article – and likely giving me a new hobby.

  2. Wow with a deal like that and all you are getting I would say that it is a small investment to get such a great deal in return. Once you read what you are getting for a dollar it is clear that it is a win for you.

  3. This is the first time that I have heard of Creative Fabrica. What a great resource for graphics. It’s also nice to know they have a free section as well. In any event, I will be referring to this as the need arises. Thanks so much for sharing this.

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