How to Choose The Best Amazon KDP Categories for Your No Content and Low Content Books

Today we will be discussing how to choose the right KDP Categories for no content and low content books. When uploading your book to KDP, there is a form that you will need to fill out with the details of the book. In one section you will need to list 2 main categories that your … Read more


Shiny Object Syndrome And Why Entrepreneurs Are The Most Susceptible

Today we wanted to take a break from our niche breakdown series and write about a problem we see happen tin our industry and has the potential to affect every entrepreneur. It is called shiny object syndrome. Entrepreneurs are constantly inundated with new offers. Sometimes this can help a business. Other times it just distracts … Read more

KDP Niche Research: Looking For Profitable Niches

We spent the last couple of days immersed in KDP niche research to find new books to create and we wanted to share our results. We also watched the latest KDP profitable niches videos to compare notes with other bloggers and in this case vloggers. Hopefully this will help you narrow down your niche without … Read more

What Types Of Books Can I Publish On KDP? (List Of Types)

We’ve compiled an extensive list of KDP book types that are possible to self publish on Amazon KDP. As we come across more we will update this list.  This list is in no particular order. KDP Book Types Journals Lined Journals Blank Journals (Sketchbooks) College Ruled Wide Ruled Dot Grid Journals Manuscript Paper Primary Story … Read more

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How To Design A KDP Paperback Book Cover On Canva

Want to learn how to design a kdp paperback book cover on Canva? In this article, we’ve got you covered! We will take you step by step through the process of creating a cover on Canva. To Get Started, we need the following 5 things… Canva Account Template from kdp paperback cover template page. Click … Read more


11 Tips On How To Write A Good Introduction For Your Blog Post

Writing a good intro introduction for your blog post is a vital part of the process and cannot be rushed or forgotten. It is the part that will either capture your readers attention or send them scurrying away. First impressions are very important especially in the world of blogging. A good intro starts a conversation. … Read more

How Do I Submit A Book To Amazon? (Submitting A Paperback Book)

Today we want to walk you through submitting your paperback book to amazon. It is not a hard process but there are lots of steps. The good news is that if you know how to fill out a form you will do great! To get started you will need four things: 1. A account … Read more