List of 48 Low Content Or No Content Book Ideas

1. Diary 2. Journal 3. Notebook 4. Planner/ Agenda Book 5. Day Planner 6. Gratitude Journal 7. Coloring Books For Kids 8. Coloring Books For Adults 9. Activity Books 10. Puzzle Books 11. Maze Books 12. Writing (ex calligraphy) 13. Dot To Dot Books 14. Sudoku Books 15. Crossword Books 16. Scissor Skills Book 17….

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How To Design A KDP Paperback Book Cover On Canva

Want to learn how to design a kdp paperback book cover on Canva? In this article, we’ve got you covered! We will take you step by step through the process of creating a cover on Canva. To Get Started, we need the following 5 things… Canva Account Template from kdp paperback cover template page. Click…

How Do I Submit A Book To Amazon? (Submitting A Paperback Book)

Today we want to walk you through submitting your paperback book to amazon. It is not a hard process but there are lots of steps. The good news is that if you know how to fill out a form you will do great! To get started you will need four things: 1. A account…

What Are KDP books? (Frequently Asked Questions About KDP)

What Are KDP books? (Frequently Asked Questions About KDP)

What Are KDP books?  KDP is an acronym for Kindle Direct Publishing. It is a way to self-publish books on Amazon. This means any kind of book you want to create can be made and sold on amazon. By any kind of books, we mean fiction or nonfiction. These books can be created for kindle,…