How To Take Old Content And Repurpose It For Social Media

Repurpose Old Content For Social Media What started as a way for college students to communicate, has turned in to a booming business of its own. I am of course referring to social media. With multiple platforms to utilize you should be using it along side your business today. Social Media helps with your brand. … Read more

How To Write A Review Post: The Experts Explain

What Is A Review Post? A Short Overview Review posts have commercial intent (you want people to purchase something) and are about a single product.   They are the “bread and butter” of most affiliate sites. Help your customers with their purchasing decisions by educating them on the product. Be real, authentic, and honest. Treat … Read more

Building Amazing Landing Pages For Free With WordPress

An Intro To Landing Pages Technically, a landing page can be any page or post on your site that people “land” on. (Some people confuse a landing page with a squeeze page. A squeeze page is a landing page but not the other way around. Typically, a squeeze page is used for email sign ups … Read more

What Is A Buyers Guide And How To Write One

Buyers Guide

An Overview of Buying Guide Posts What is a Buying Guide Post? A Buying Guide is also called a “round up review” or “purchase guide”. It all means the same thing. A buying guide is when you take more than one product and write a “best of” article. (Best X For Y) Another way to … Read more

Improving Old Content for SEO, Rankings, and Conversions

Do you have old or outdated content? Chances are if your website is 6 months old or older you do! An Overview Of Improving Old Content How Do We Improve Content? Add More Content Add Images Update Existing Content: Rewording the article Change Up The Meta: Description Title Updating The Dates For example, your title … Read more