How To Make A Lined Journal In Canva

Lined Journal In Canva

The best way to do go about making a lined journal is to add your lines manually. Doing it this way gives you control over the line type (straight, dots, dashes), line weight (thickness), and color. And with a quick tip that we will share you can do this in seconds. How To Make A … Read more

What Are KDP books? (Frequently Asked Questions About KDP)

Kindle Direct Publishing

What Are KDP books?  KDP stands for Kindle Direct Publishing. What is it? It is a way to self-publish books on Amazon. This means any kind of book you want to create can be made and sold on amazon. By any kind of books, we mean fiction or nonfiction. These books can be created for … Read more

How Do You Put A Translate Button On Website?

How do you put a translate button on website?

Question: I have visitors from other countries to my website, but they leave right away because their language isn’t represented on my website. Any ideas? Plugins? Yes, there are 3 plugins that we have come across. GTranslate: Our recommendation is GTranslate. It was quick and easy to use and setup. We are currently using it … Read more

How To Take Old Content And Repurpose It For Social Media

Repurpose Old Content For Social Media What started as a way for college students to communicate, has turned in to a booming business of its own. I am of course referring to social media. With multiple platforms to utilize you should be using it along side your business today. Social Media helps with your brand. … Read more