Can You Change KDP Keywords?

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Yes, you absolutely can change your KDP keywords and in this post we will show you how.

If you wish to change/add/delete keywords from a certain book you need to know that once you finish editing your keywords the book will need to go through the review process again.

The good news is that the original keywords and book will still be for sale on Amazon in the meantime.

How To Change KDP Keywords

Log in to you KDP Account and find the book you wish to change the KDP keywords for on the list under “Your Books”.

On the righthand side of the box there are 3 ellipses “…”.

Move the cursor over the 3 ellipses and a dropdown menu will appear.

Click on “Edit Print Book Details”.

You will be taken back to the original form you filled out with the book details when you uploaded it to KDP.

From there navigate to the keyword box to make the KDP keyword changes.

Can You Change KDP Keywords?

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  1. Wow. I didn’t know that it is actually possible to change your keywords without affecting current book sales on Amazon in the meantime. This way, one can easily get better visibility and of course, better sales. Swell.

    Thank you for this step by step guide. It’ll be mighty helpful. The added images are an appreciated addition too.


  2. Thank you so much for letting us know how to go about changing KDP Keywords, your post is very helpful. I have written a book at one time but it’s still in the woodwork, I thought about amazon before but decided when the time comes to offer it as a free gift for signups. What are your thoughts on this?

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