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Call To Action: CTA  In Blogging Explained (For Beginners) 

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Hello and welcome to Internet Marketing Tools And Programs! Today we are going to explain what a call to action is, why it is important, and how to craft your own, Don’t worry we give plenty of examples both real and made up on the spot. If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment below.

What Does Call To Action Mean? 

A Call To Action is a word, phrase, sentence, or prompt to persuade someone to do a specific task. (Often used in persuasive writing.)

Do Blogs Have A Call To Action?

Yes, successful blogs most certainly do have at least one call to action on each and every page. Keep reading to learn why.

What Is A CTA In Content Marketing? 

A Call To Action or CTA in content marketing means a word, phrase, or sentence that convinces the reader to take a specific action on your website. What do you want the reader to do? Sign up for something? Buy something? Leave a comment? While the choices are endless of what you could do these are some of the most basic examples on the internet today.

We liked Grammarly’s definition because they took the definition even further.

In Grammarly’s  words:

Call To Action: CTA  In Blogging 1

– Grammarly –

Here is an infographic we created for Pinterest that summarizes all that you have read so far with a few quick examples. Please feel free to repin for later reference!

Call To Action: CTA  In Blogging 2
Why Call To Action is Important In A Blog? What Is The Importance Of A Call To Action In Blogging?

This is where all your content creation is worth it and hopefully financially as well. A good CTA motivates the reader to take action, including signing up for a program you recommend (through affiliate programs) or buying a product from a certain store. A CTA can also get users to comment on your blog which is great for SEO or sign up ro your email list. (You hear marketers say “The money is in the list.” all the time.)

How Many CTA Can A Blog Have?

Potentially many but a good rule of thumb (to not confuse your visitors) is one or two. However, a call to action can come in many forms like text, link, photo, or button, just to name a few. This adds the potential to add CTAs to any website potentially adding more. As it is in life don’t overdo anything.

What Is A Good Call-To-Action Sentence?

How Do You Write A Good CTA?

Why A Good CTA Is Important?

What Are The Goals Of  Call To Action? What Is The Purpose Of A Call To Action?

The goals and purpose for using a call to action when blogging, are to persuade the user to take action. If successful they will.

Which CTA Works Best?

That will depend on your niche and what you are trying to achieve. Look at websites in your niche. What CTAs do they use? Is it working? Draw inspiration from outside sources.

Should Every Post Have A CTA?

Yes, absolutely. You want to direct your audience to take action. That could be as simple as leaving a comment below a blog post, signing up to an email list/newsletter, making a purchase, calling for an estimate, or taking advantage of an offer. The choices are endless.

What are the types of CTA?

Call To Action Tips

  1. Use ALL CAPS  on important words. This makes the word chosen more important in the context of a word, phrase, or sentence.


  • Are you ready for SUCCESS?
  • GROW your email list

2. Create a sense of urgency


  • Act Now. 
  • Time Sensitive Offer(s)
  • In the next 10 mins…
  • Only available for the next 10 mins

3. Use words that provoke emotion or enthusiasm. Be positive. It helps to use action words for this purpose.


  • Now
  • Instantly
  • Click 
  • Try This

The following is a list of action words specifically used in marketing. Again please feel free to repin for later reference.

Call To Action Inforgraphic.

4. Give your audience a reason to click. Motivate them.


  •  Sale ENDS at Midnight!
  • Register now for your FREE gift.

What Is A Strong Call To Action?

One that gets results. Seriously. If you are not getting the user to do anything it may be time to add or switch up your call to action. A strong call to action is one where the end result is the user taking action. If action is being taken then you have a strong call to action. If nothing is happening reevaluate and try again.

Here are a few examples

  • Learn More
  • Book
  • Get Started – It’s FREE
  • Start Streaming
How Many Words Is A Call To Action?

In marketing, most CTAs are short but they can be longer based on what you are trying to achieve. We have come across some that are one word and some that are two sentences long. Our recommendation is a sentence or shorter depending on the situation. Remember the average reader will not read an entire post. People today have shorter attention spans as well. We are darn lucky to still have your attention!

What Are Some Examples Of Call To Action?

One of Brie’s favorite stores is having a promtion as of the time of writing this article.

This is the makeup brand Too Faced.

They have several calls to action on their hompage at the moment.


2 Free Gifts…

Here is another page

This second one is a fabulous example because they even use Call To Actions in the menu links. Also Gift With Purchase is shown at the top left.

Here are a couple of banners using CTAs on the Bass Pro Website

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