Top 5 Best Standing Desks In 2022

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Due to the sedentary office life, you are stuck at a desk and chair. Does this sound like you? Try spicing up your work area with a standing desk. Standing desks allow you to adjust the height of the desk giving you the opportunity to stand and stretch your legs. Today we will be discussing the best standing desks on the market today and how to choose one.

Using a normal desk causes back strain, cramped muscles, and can leave you feeling lethargic. You must constantly lean down to type or write and you are stuck in one position. Standing desks are becoming more popular as a result because they give you the opportunity to have full movement and control.

Overall, standing desks are better for your health and posture. Too many times in and office setting you see horrible posture by people lounging or hunching in their chairs. Standing desks also solve this problem by allowing you to get up and move. Many offices have also seen a increase in productivity where these desks have been installed.

Ergonomic Design

Most standing desks have an ergonomic design to allow for freedom of movement for pain relief and simple comfort.

“What is the goal of ergonomics? The goal of ergonomics is to make work more comfortable and to improve both health and productivity. It is an interdisciplinary science of designing the job, products, and place to fit the worker.”

The image below shows the specific work zones.

Buying Guide

Top 3 Things To Consider When Choosing A Standing Desk

  1. Ask yourself is a standing desk right for you? It could be but not all people like to stand. If this is you then make sure you get a standing desk that adjusts down to a “sitting desk” as well. The whole point is to have a healthier work life.

2. Make sure the desk is the right height for you. If you have to, get a tape measure and measure your height from the floor to your bent elbow.

“Whether you’re sitting or standing, when you’re typing your forearms should be parallel to the ground, your elbows at around a 90-degree angle, and your feet flat on the floor. When you’re sitting, your hips and knees should also be at an optimum 90-degree angle.”

Consumer Reports

3. Space: Does the desk fit your needs? Is it long enough? Tall enough? Short enough?

“Compared to a regular desk, a stand-up desk is both taller and broader. Therefore, it necessitates more space. Be sure to take precise dimensions of both the desk and the space you want to keep it in, so you do not run into any glitches. If you take the dimensions while wearing shoes, make sure it is the pair that you usually wear while using your desk. These dimensions will help you to obtain the best standing desk that alters to the appropriate height, so you do not have to deal with irritating joint and muscle discomforts.”


Quick Stats

For those in a hurry the following table has quick links. Just click on the image and away you go.

Uplift Desk V2$$$$Rectangle9/10
60 Inches Wide
Jarvis Standing Desk$$$$Rectangle8/10Multiple Sizes
60 x 27 (Shown in image)
FEZIBO Standing Desks
(Best Budget Option)
Vivo Gaming Desk$$$Rectangle With Curve7/1043 x 24
60 x 24
63 x 32
Eureka Ergonomic
L Shaped Standing Desk
$$$L Shaped6/1043.7″D x 60″W x 48.4″H
Left Side Or Right Side Available

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Uplift Desk V2

What Is the best standing desk? The Uplift Desk V2. Our Number 1 Recommendation!

Shape: Rectangle

Final rating: 9 out of 10

Size: 60 inches wide

Includes: Free Motion X Board

Price: $$$$

Description: Variable height desk with attachment points to create a hammock lounger and other options, fully sustainable design using laminates and recycled products to create a desktop that is fully customizable and beautiful without using wood.  The system can have up to four programed heights and has two motors to allow ease of use and quick height adjustment.  Also comes with a free Motion X board, this is a balance board to allow you to work off some of that nervous energy while working at your desk.  Board will tilt, rock and swivel.

The V2 desk comes with a free Motion X board made from sustainable bamboo that allows you move around and work core muscles that help maintain your posture. It gives a work out while you are working. Of course, you don’t have to use the board.

As people who work long hours at a desk, we can speak from experience that there are times that you have nervous energy that just needs an outlet.  So the Motion X board is a total bonus in our opinion.

What We Love About The Uplift Desk V2

The thing we really love is how easy it is to adjust the desk. Add the keypad to the equation and it is even easier since it lets you program in the correct heights for you. Basically, you get to personalize the height of the desk up to four presets. Also comes in multiple colors.

The Uplift Desk V2 allows you to continue to work but with full body movement control.

What We Don’t Like

If you live outside the US the package will come as freight because it is so large. Also international shipping is expensive and it is already an expensive desk because it is the top of the line model.

Jarvis Standing Desks

Number 2 recommendation!

Shape: Rectangle

Final rating: 8 out of 10

Size: 60 x 27 (Shown in image on the right.) Adjustable Desk Height from 30″ to 49″

Also available

  • 30 x 24
  • 36 x 24
  • 48 x 24
  • 48 x 27
  • 48 x 30
  • 60 x 24
  • 60 x 27
  • 72 x 30

Price: $$$$


Adjustable height. Comfortable for everyone. Available with 4 customizable preset heights.  Steel frames will support up to 350 pounds.  Dual motors raise and lower the desk quickly and quietly. Comfortable people for up to 6ft 2 in height.  Go from sit to stand at 1.5” per second with rubber grommets to suppress noise.  Solid slab bamboo tops made from fully 100% sustainable materials are treated with a safe and long lasting UV coating to make it long lasting and easy to clean. Even has built in wire grommets to contain the chaos of your cables and control the mess that can be caused on your desktop. And to ensure a stable foundation for your desk there is screw in leveling on the feet.

What We Love About Jarvis Standing Desks

The dual motors that make for easy adjustments. The reduced noise level. The fact that it accommodates people up to 6ft2.  The desk top itself comes in multiple sizes to fit to your space and number of monitors. Adjusts to for many heights which is a big plus for those who are extremely tall or short. Dual Motors. Quiet.

What We Don’t Like

The High Price.

48″ x 30″

Adjustable Desk Height from 30″ to 49.3″

72″ x 30″

Adjustable Desk Height from 25.5″ to 50.7″

Fezibo Standing Desks

Best Budget Option!

Shape: Rectangle

Final rating: 7 out of 10


  • 40 (24″D x 40″W x 27.6″H)
  • 48 (24″D x 48″W x 27.36″H)
  • 50 (24″D x 55″W x 27.6″H)


Price: $$


Electric height adjustable desk lists up to 155 pounds. Comes with two built in desk hooks for hanging bags, headphones, jackets, etcetera.  Wood desk top. Anti-collision technology to help prevent bumps and scratches.  Sensor to help protect the desk in case of human error as in it will not allow the desk to lower if there is something under it that would block. Three customizable button presets to allow you to set the desired height. Comes with

What We Love: Multiple color options.  Easy assembly puts together in approximately 45 minutes time.  Cable management tray and anti-collision sensors to ensure you do not lower on top of items damaging them or the desk.  Powerful desk that fits in a small space. Two desk hooks built in for hanging personal belongings. Best Desk Option For Most Budgets.

What We Don’t Like: Only has one motor and only lifts up to 155lbs so it does not hold as much as other desks. Desktop is only 1 inch thick so if you are planning on using clamps for lights or microphones you may need something to plug the extra space.

VIVO Standing Desks

Shape: Rectangle

Final rating: 7 out of 10


  • 43 x 24
  • 60 x 24
  • 60 x 32

Price: $$$


This single motor adjustable height desk will lift 176 pounds. Desktop is made from
“solid particleboard” for a scratch resistance surface. Fully integrated cable system to help control the tangle of cables.  Height is easily programmable and with the 1.5” motor transition from sitting to standing is a cinch. Just press the button and move your chair to enjoy the spacious table top as a standing desk. The motor even has overload and heat protection and with adjustable feet this desk can be set up on any surface,

What We Love About The Vivo Standing Desks

We Absolutely love the table top shape with the slight indention instead of the flat edge. Customizable height program buttons. Cable system built in to stop the chaotic cables. The overload and heat protection is a nice feature to have to keep the motor from burning itself out in the event of a malfunction.

What We Don’t Like

The Tabletop materials. It is made from particle board. Particle has a tendency of swelling and falling apart. In the original description on Amazon, it says “solid particleboard” and to us that sounds like an oxymoron. We would also prefer dual motors for stronger lift.

Note: We really don’t like the material used in construction of the tabletop, but we love the tabletop design. It’s nothing against the company, but bad experiences with particle board office furniture have biased us against products built with this material.

Eureka Ergonomic L Shaped Standing Desk

Shape: L Shaped

Left or Right Side Available

Final rating: 7 out of 10


  • 43.7″D x 60″W x 48.4″H

Price: $$$


Electric adjustable height L shaped standing desk. Metal frame and particle board table top with a lifting capacity of 220 pounds and four programmable buttons allowing for you to customize your desk experience. Dual motors make the lifting and lowering a quiet, and fast experience. Built in sensors help protect the desk and other office furniture. Built in cable management system.

What We Love About The Eureka Ergonomic L Shaped Standing Desk

We love the L shape design with a place to put our laptop. Spacious desk top. Package comes with stickers but you can choose not to place them on the desk. Quiet Dual Motors with strong lift capacity. Built in cable system that helps control the mess of your cables and wires. Comes with a screw driver and two different Allen wrenches for construction. Easy to understand Instructions.

What We Don’t Like

Only one color option available. Particle board tabletop.


For better work life health, standing desks are the way to go. They promote better core strength, better balance, and allows for a light workout while working at your desk. With today’s healthier agenda being pushed more offices are moving toward the standing desks instead of the traditional desk (because they can be adjusted to be a sitting desk as well).

We, for one, have loved our standing desk as it allows for complete movement. If we want to sit we adjust the desk down. If we want to stand we adjust the height up. It is as simple as that.

It has created a great change in our workplace and we don’t know how we lived without one. Our staff has all loved the change and the fact we do not leave the office feeling lethargic.

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  1. As you said, not all people like to stand. I am one of those. Yet, I know that working in a standing position is so much better than sitting all day. So I am trying to build my standing periods up, every day a bit longer. 🙂

    As compensation, I walk every half hour around my desk for about 5 minutes. Reading. Like monks and priests did in the old days. Or maybe they still do, I don’t know.

    Your ergonomic explanation comes in handy. For the time being, I work on a bookshelf sticking out because I want to make sure I can be able to stand long enough to let the investment be worth it. When I know, I can visit this article again. Thanks!

    1. Well the good news is that standing desks convert to sitting desks. You can adjust these desks at will to the height that is perfect for you, but practice does make perfect! You are very talented if you can walk and read at the same time! We would be bumping in to every thing!

  2. we do have one of these standing tables already and let us tell you how much we love it and use it all the time. The adjustable table were you can sit and stand at any point if you need to get more comfortable.

    The designs are nice sturdy and durable to withstand weight with us leaning on it sometime we can be lazy. It is to make things easier for us when we are working for 12 to 16 hours a day.
    We got school and work it does help tremendously.


  3. OMG! People in my office actually have a stand up desk. I can’t imagine standing up working. However, I’ve never tried it either. I like Fezibo because of it’s price point. Since I’ve never owned a standup desk, I’d like to try this out and then upgrade if I really like it. Thanks for your post. It reminds me that I need to get up and exercise.

  4. Love your recommendations on the standing desks, which helps people concentrate on work and take care of their health. Although some are costly, they bring more benefits to human beings in the long run. The Fezibo model suits my budget nicely, so it will be the top one of my must-have items this year. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I believe they go up in price depending on the motors used and the amount of motors as well.The motors are used to adjust the height of the desk with out using some sort of hand crank.

  5. Thanks for highlighting this information on standing desks. I do not know enough about ergonomics but your article helped to fill that gap. I appreciate the details on the different desks that makes it easier to choose based on individual needs and preferences.

  6. This is a very interesting post on a standing desk, you would think that people would love to sit while working but even then too much sitting is not good. It is so good to know there are desks such as these that come with their benefits as it promotes one’s health, this is like getting two for the price of one.

    1. Hi there!
      The idea behind the desk is so you can sit or stand. Standing gives you full freedom of movement. It can even make a person more productive.

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