Top 5 Best Rated Microphones For Your Business In 2022

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Shopping for a microphone for your business? We’ve got you covered with this list of the top 5 Best Rated Microphones on the market today.

Microphones are a simple way to record sound and convert it into a digital signal. It is important to have a quality microphone for your business because it will help you with increasing the quality of your recordings.

The most common type of microphones are the condenser microphones. These microphones require an external power source in order to work. They also have a wider range of frequencies, which makes them ideal for recording vocals or instruments.

Whether you are recording training, holding webinars, making conference calls, or a YouTube video these microphones will deliver crisp and clear audio with professional quality delivery sound that will astound you.

Buying Guide

Top 3 Things To Consider When Choosing A Microphone

  1. Your Budget: There are many microphones available for all budgets. This needs to be your starting point.
  2. Your Needs: What kind of sound do you need? What range? For How many people? Is the microphone needed for singing or talking
  3. Plug In Method: USB or XLR. USB cable are typically plug in play. XLR cables require a secondary device.

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Blue Yeti/ Yeti10/10$$$USB CableBlackout, Midnight
Blue, Silver, Teal, Slate, Whiteout
HyperX/ QuadCast8/10$$$USB CableRed & Black
Blue Snowball/ ICE 7/10$USB CableBlack, White
Shure/ SM7B10/10$$$$XLR cable connection Must be connected
to a USB audio interface device.
HyperX/ SoloCast7/10$$USB CableBlack

Blue Yeti Microphone

Brand: Blue Yeti

Model: Yeti

Final Rating: 10/10


Connectivity: USB Cable


Blue Yeti USB microphone. Considered one of the best for YouTube, streaming, podcasting, Zoom, and other web call services. It is amazing for all your audio recording needs. It is programmed with “Blue” microphone software that is designed to pick up sound four different ways and is advanced enough to eliminate the need for multiple microphones to be used at the same time. It has on-board controls for audio and the base design allows you to tilt and pivot the microphone to optimize your recording possibilities.  Since it’s a USB microphone, this is “plug and play” technology. Plug it in and BAM it works!

What We Like About The Blue Yeti Microphone

Ease Of Use. Plug it in and you are done.

And did we mention the sound quality? It is amazing.

Whether it is a web call from work, a podcast with friends, or a creating a training video for your business, you can have a professional sound quality by simply plugging in a USB device.

It picks up sound in four directions which is great for picking up sound from multiple people in a room.

What We Don’t Like

There is not much we don’t like, but the price tag could be a little high for those just starting out. It is not as expensive as the Shure model but it is still a little pricey compared to the Blue Snowball ICE.

Overall, it is our number one recommendation.

Hyper X QuadCast

Brand: HyperX

Model: QuadCast

Final Rating: 8/10

Color(s): Black, White

Connectivity: USB Cable


The HyperX QuadCast USB Condenser Gaming Microphone is compliant with PC, Mac as well as it works with PS4 and PS5.  This microphone comes with an anti-vibration shock mount that helps eliminate noise as well as a built-in pop filter to ensure clear and crisp audio recording.

The microphone was designed in accordance with Discord and Teamspeak (both audio gamer platforms) allowing this to be a “Plug and Play” ready to go system.

The QuadCast also has an “on air” red led light to ensure that you are aware anytime that the microphone is live to ensure that you do not record anything you are not supposed to.

What We Like About The Hyper X

This is a plug and play, all-in-one system, ready to go from the time you plug it in to your device. Devices it can plug in to include a Mac, PC, PS4 or PS5. 

It records crisp clear sound with some people claiming that it outperforms more expensive microphones. 

The red and black color.

What We Don’t Like

This is a gamer’s microphone, so while it is designed to record audio, it is not a good system for recording music. 

Blue Snowball Microphone ICE

Brand: Blue Snowball

Model: ICE

Final Rating: 7/10

Color(s): Black, White

Connectivity: USB Cable


The Blue Snowball ICE Plug ‘n Play USB Microphone is both Mac and PC compatible. It comes with a built-in adjustable desktop stand and Blue’s custom condenser capsule which delivers a noticeably better sound quality that is more advanced than your built-in computer microphone.

The ICE has a stylish retro design that will look great on your desktop and on camera. The stand allows you to position the microphone for optimal audio output.

The Cardioid pick up pattern means the microphone will capture voices from the sides and poorly from the rear. So basically it is a directional microphone picking up clear sound from what is in front and beside it, but not from the back.

This microphone is Skype and Discord certified to ensure that your audio is heard and understandable on the leading VOIP platforms.

What We Like About The Blue Snowball ICE

The retro design is attractive as well as minimal. This shows that great things do come in small packages.  The adjustable stand allows you to position the microphone to optimal recording spots.  The plug and play technology means that you can take this microphone anywhere and plug it in to any existing computer to start recording.

What We Don’t Like

We don’t really dislike anything about this device. It’s just that many of the microphones on this list have multiple program choices for recording audio. The ICE only has the one.  There is also not an indicator light letting you know the device is on.

Shure SM7B Microphone

Brand: Shure

Model: SM7B

Final Rating: 10/10

Color(s): Black



The Shure SM7B microphone is a professional quality microphone designed for all your audio needs.  This microphone works for music and singing as well as just speaking. The Shure microphone is built to be rugged, so it will last. The stand is designed to be mounted for optimal audio recording. Includes a removeable wind screen.

This microphone can be found in professional studios everywhere. It is designed to be top of the line and is one of the best microphones on the market.

The SM78 is an analog microphone which means it does not connect directly to your computer or tablet and will require an audio interface. The device uses a XLR cable connection, so must be connected to a USB audio interface that would then connect to your computer.

What We Like About The Shure SM7B

Astounding audio quality.  With the correct set up, you can do anything from recording music to video conference calls with crisp clear audio.

What We Don’t Like

The Price.  Yes, it’s amazing quality, but you are paying for that quality and it is beyond many new businesses’ budget.

This is NOT plug and play technology.  You will have to buy the correct audio set up to go with this microphone system to record as it will not attach directly to a computer. Meaning that you are not just spending money on the microphone and computer, but another device to capture the audio to feed it to the computer.

HyperX SoloCast

Brand: HyperX

Model: SoloCast

Final Rating: 7/10

Color(s): Black, White

Connectivity: USB


The HyperX SoloCast USB Condenser Gaming microphone is built for PC, Mac, PS4 and PS5. 

Designed for gaming and streaming it offers clean audio and uses plug and play technology. Tap to mute sensor allows you to pause the microphone by tapping the top of the mic. It comes standard with the signature LED indicator to let user immediately know that the microphone is broadcasting.

This mic comes with a flexible adjustable stand allowing you to position the mic for best audio input. Comes with attachments so that you can hook it to a boom arm or mic stand. It is very versatile.

The SoloCast has been certified by Discord and TeamSpeak and is guaranteed to work on all major streaming platforms.

What We Like About The Blue Snowball ICE

Quick set up. No settings to play with, just plug the usb into the computer, and the other end to the microphone, and its done. 

System comes with a mic stand. 

Users are fully connected and ready to record in about two minutes time.

Love the LED indicator light to allow you to know when the microphone is streaming or recording. Price point coming in at approximately fifty bucks makes this perfect for startups.

What We Don’t Like

Not designed for music or signing which is not a deal breaker if you all you need is to record talking/speech.


Make sure you know what kind of microphone you need before you buy one as not all are created equal. The market is saturated with many different microphones. Knowing your budget, what connector you want to use, the system requirements, and if any extra devices are needed (such as an audio interface) will help you on your way to getting the audio setup you want. Keep these things in mind while you shop.

While recording with a computer’s internal microphone is possible, it is never recommended due to poor sound quality. Many of the microphones discussed in this article are of professional quality with many features that standard internal microphones can not compare with. Your customers or followers will be able to hear the difference when you move to a stand alone microphone.


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