Affiliate Marketing Beginners Guide: What it is, How It Works, Tips, FAQ’s , And More

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Hey there, fellow internet explorers! So, you’ve stumbled upon this magical realm called “Affiliate Marketing,” and you’re probably wondering what in the virtual world it’s all about, right?

Well, fear not, because I’m here to unravel the mystery and take you on an adventure through the wonderful world of affiliate marketing.

Imagine this: you get to be a modern-day digital matchmaker, connecting eager buyers with fantastic products, all while sitting in your cozy pajamas, sipping your favorite beverage, and avoiding those pesky morning traffic jams. So, let’s embark on this quest together and demystify the wonders of affiliate marketing in this affiliate marketing beginners guide!

Ready? Let’s go!

Affiliate Marketing Beginners Guide 1

What Is Affiliate Marketing And Is It Legit?

Affiliate Marketing has been around longer than you might think because the idea stems from salespeople earning commissions based on sales and referrals.

It is the exact same for affiliate marketing. The key difference being you don’t have to work at a single store, you can work and earn from many brands online.

Affiliate marketing is like the ultimate win-win scenario in the digital universe! It’s like being a smooth-talking salesperson, but without all the pushy tactics and tacky suits. Instead, you get to be an online hero, directing hordes of eager customers to a virtual shopping spree.

So, here’s the deal: businesses team up with these marketing maestros, aka affiliates, who put on their creative hats (or quirky cat costumes if that’s their thing) and set out to spread the word about fantastic products and services.
And guess what?

When the magic happens, and people start buying stuff like there’s no tomorrow, the affiliates are rewarded with a piece of the profit pie. It’s like a commission jackpot – cha-ching!

So, you see, affiliate marketing is like an adventure where everyone gets a piece of the treasure, and the only limit is your imagination (and perhaps the number of adorable cat costumes you can handle).

Who knew making money could be so much fun, right?

Yes, affiliate marketing is a legitimate and widely used marketing strategy employed by numerous businesses across various industries. It is a win-win model where affiliates earn commissions for driving sales or referrals, and companies benefit from increased reach and cost-effective marketing efforts. However, like any legitimate business model, it’s essential for both companies and affiliates to maintain transparency, follow ethical practices, and promote trustworthy products or services to build long-term success and trust with their audience.

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How Affiliate Marketing Works

You join an affiliate program like Amazon Associates Program, and then get a special tracking link that is coded to your affiliate ID (within said program) and then promote or recommend the link.

When someone clicks on the link they are taken straight to the offer. If they buy you earn a commission.

The process is that easy.  The execution is harder.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

Is Affiliate Marketing Worth It?

In our opinion yes but only IF
you work hard, know it takes time to build a business and an audience, are patience, determined, and persevere.

Affiliate Marketing is not a get rich quick scheme.

There are ways to speed up the process, but overall expect it to take time. Years for some niches. Please know that affiliate marketing is a business and it takes time to grow a business and an audience.

When and if your efforts start to pay off, there is no income cap, which is one of the reasons affiliate marketing so great!

A Few Examples Of Affiliate Marketing Blogs

1. https://internetmarketingtoolsandprograms.com/

2. https://mydogshealthyfoods.com/

3. https://singlemomlife.org/

4. https://flywithlibellule.com/

5. https://batmantravels.com/

Affiliate Marketing Tips

Tip 1: When choosing your niche conduct market research. Find out if there is even money to be made in your chosen subject.

a.First Google (or use a search engine of your choice) your keyword. Are there any products listed for that keyword? If so, there is money to be made in the niche.

b. Then Google “your niche” + affiliate program. Are there any programs in your niche? Is so we are on the right track!

Tip 2: Focus On Being Helpful. Help your audience. Don’t try to sell to them. Nothing is worse than pushy sales people. Find a problem in your niche and solve it.

Tip 3: Believe In What You Are Promoting. Don’t try to push products on people just for the sake of the commission. You will ruin your reputation by selling products that don’t work.

Tip 4: Write For Your Audience. Don’t write solely based on SEO and SEO Plugins. You want content that is unique, engaging, and above all interesting. If you write trying to please the search engines you will fail. Search Engines have become much savvier when it comes to figuring out what content is relevant and helpful.

Affiliate Marketing FAQ’S

How Much Money Can You Make With Affiliate Marketing?

There is no cap on what you can earn. The potential is limitless, however, it will not happen over night especially if your site is new.

Which Affiliate Program Is The Best For Beginners?

Amazon Associate Program is our recommendation for beginners. For More Information read Which Affiliate Program Is The Best For Beginners?

How Long Does Affiliate Marketing Take?

Affiliate Marketing can take 3 to 6 months to even start to see results. More than likely it will take longer than that to really establish your business and brand.

Buying Ads is a quicker method, but it is certainly more costly, and again if you don’t know what you are doing this will add up even quicker.

Can You Start Affiliate Marketing for Free?

Yes you can start affiliate marketing for free. For More information read Can You Affiliate Market For Free?

Can You Do Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

Yes, you can affiliate market without a website, but we believe that it is harder without a site. While there are platforms that do allow affiliate links, many do not. They want links to blog posts vs a straight raw affiliate links. Some platforms consider it spam.

How To Learn Affiliate Marketing

We recommend going through a training course or many courses that hold your hand through the process. Our Number One Recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate.

You can learn to affiliate market for free because there is free information all over the web, but it is hard to know what you need to learn if you don’t have any idea what information you are looking for. You don’t know what you don’t know.

We do have lots of free information on this site so stay tuned for more!

Top 6 Reasons Why People Fail At Affiliate Marketing

1. The Wrong Mindset. Affiliate Marketing is something you do for the long term. A lot of people are looking for a quick solution and that does not exist.

2. Unrealistic Expectations. You cannot make 50,000 dollars next month. Yes, it is possible to make that once you are established, but it takes time to build a business to that level.

3. Not Enough Patience. People often quit after 3 to 6 months.

4. Not Serious Enough about their business.

5. Not Knowing Your Target Audience. Knowing what your audience wants is a big part of marketing.

6. Lack Of Education Or Training.


Affiliate Marketing is a wonderful way to make money online. With enough time and hard work, it will eventually become a source of passive income with no income cap. The possibilities are endless!

If we have done are job right you now have a better understanding of what affiliate marketing is and how affiliate marketing works. Now you can see the potential yourself.

We have dedicated ourselves to affiliate marketing and love every minute of it. We are our own bosses! We make our own schedules! And we help people do the same!

If you are interested in learning more join us at Wealthy Affiliate. There is a free trial offer that you can take advantage of now. 

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