A Note On The WordPress 5.9 Update

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WordPress 5.9 Update

The WordPress 5.9 update is here and it is a major update. There are many changes, improvements and new features to explore and we’ve got the dirt right here.

What Are The Main Improvements?

  • Performance is better
  • Pattern library is integrated
  • The new WordPress theme 22 is a block theme
  • The UI UX improved
  • FSE (Full Site Editing) allows full customization

The first question you should ask should be whether to update or not.

“The answer is not so simple. It depends on your actual theme, and if it supports Full Site Editing (FSE) , simply called block themes.”

-Read the full article from Fleeky from WA

The gist is If your current theme is not block based you will experience problems with this update.

If you are not sure if your site supports FSE then Create a test site and find out. Without a block theme thehttps://cdn2.wealthyaffiliate.com/images/site_content/circle_check_green.png new editor won’t Work.

Problems With The Update

Some plugins and themes are not ready for this update and it will turn your site into hot mess if you are not careful.


Choose whether to update or not very carefully.The best plan is to BACKUP your site first! We updated and experienced no problems with the 5.9 update however many of our blogger friends have. The solution for them was to go dircelty to the theme delvelopers. As we mentioned earlier not all themes and plugins were ready for this update.

WordPress 5.9 Field Guide

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