3 Main Types of Keywords for Any Niche

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Looking for keywords for your niche? Take a look at this post where we will show you the 3 major types of keywords for any site. This method will work for any site whether it is new or 20 years old.

There are different main types of keywords for any niche. They fall under the three categories shown below.

1. Informational Keywords (No Selling Intent)

2. Buying Guide Keywords (Semi Selling Intent)

3. Product Review Keywords (Selling Intent)

Note: If you are wondering how many of each type of post you should write, the ratio is 80% Informational Posts, 10% Buying Guide Posts, 10%, Product Review Posts.

Informational Posts

Informational Posts are about educating and informing your audience. There is no commercial intent in these types of posts. Audiences love this type of content and will eventually come back to your site as they will start to see you as an authority in your given niche.

If your website is new, you should write at least 30 informational posts before you write any posts with commercial intent.

Informational Articles/ Keywords

  • How to
  • Ways To
  • Walkthroughs
  • FAQ’s
  • Ultimate Guide to ()
  • Tutorials
  • Prepositions
  • Comparisons
  • Can you
  • How
  • What
  • Why
  • Where
  • Ideas
  • Tips

Note: A good place to find questions for your niche is on www.answersocrates,com. The “People Ask” section of Google is another great resource.

Think about your niche right now and come up with 3 informational questions.

Here are some examples that we came up with…

Informational Post Examples

How To Smoke A Brisket.

How To Crochet A Baby Blanket.

Can You Have Two KDP Accounts?

How to save money on your pilot training.

Buying Guide

Semi Commercial Intent. A buying guide post is to inform and convince. What that means is a buying guide is a hybrid of an informational post and product review post all on one page. This usually includes multiple products.

Buying Guide Keywords

  • Best X For Y
  • Buying guide for?
  • How to buy
  • How to pick or choose
  • Comparing xx

Buying Guide Examples:

Best Wireless air buds for jogging

Best autoresponder for affiliate marketing

Best Self Publishing Platform for Newbies!

Best Self Publishing Platform for Beginners

Best Niche For KDP

Best Affiliate Marketing Training For Beginners

Buying Guide For Tv’s

How To Buy The Right Tools

Headphones VS Ear Buds.

Come up with 3 ideas for your niche.

Product Review

Product reviews are assessments, analysis, and overall evaluation that recommend (or not recommend) a single product.

Product Review Keywords

Product Name Plus Review. Add the model and series numbers if there are any.

Product Name + Review =

Product Review Examples

Canva Review

GeneratePress Review

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Aweber Review

Book Bolt Review

Tangent Templates Review

Publisher Rocket Review

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Review

IPhone 10X Review

IPhone 7S Review

Borden’s Skim Milk Review

Put all your keywords in a spread sheet and do the data research on your keywords!

If you need a content planner we have one to give you for free. It has two different spread sheets. One for planning categories and sub categories and one for planning the actual content.

Click The Link Below to get the shared document on google docs. When you pull up the document you will need to click “File” and then “Make A Copy”. Then rename it. Otherwise you will be filling out the sheet for all to see. Make sure to follow these steps!


Spreadsheet 1 Preview

Spreadsheet 2 Preview


Looking For Buyer Intent Keywords? Check Out The Infographic Below.



By following the tips above you should have unending supply of keywords for your niche. Build reviews, buying guides, and informational content for your site from this data. This should assist you in gaining traffic and revenue for your business. 

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